Gold Star mom asks Obama why he refuses to call Radical Islamic terrorism for what it is?

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-19

At a recent town-hall on September 29th, Obama made a rare appearance in what seemed to be a bid to maintain and perpetuate the illusion that all is well.  Suggesting that the American military is winning its fight against ISIS and that the ever looming threat of the terrorist organization and its affiliates is waning.

But underneath the seemingly perpetually calm demeanor, it was clear that President Obama was there to do some damage control. 

Obama and the Democrats have failed miserably in Iraq and Syria. The intervention which is costing the American people millions of dollars, as well as countless of brave men and women their lives, is an absolute disaster. During the town-hall, servicemen and women were given the opportunity to ask the president questions.  One of the them was a Gold Star mom, Tina Houchins, who lost her son, Corporeal Erin Gortier, in Baghdad in 2007.

Unsatisfied with Obama’s pussy-footing, politically-correct rhetoric, the Gold Star mom asked him point bank, “As a Gold Star mother, my son gave his life to fighting acts of terrorism. Do you still believe that these acts of terrorism are done with a self-proclaimed Islamic motives and if you do, why do you still refuse to use the term Islamic terrorist?”

Obama still refused to call out the problem, and acknowledge that it is indeed radical Islam that is responsible for these terrible crimes and nothing else.

Obama replied, “The truth of the matter is that this is an issue that’s been sort of manufactured, they have perverted and distorted and tried to dismantle, tried to claim the mantle of Islam as an excuse for basically, barbarism and death.”

Besides the obvious side-stepping, and fluffy rhetoric, what did he actually say? Beyond saying that the whole thing is manufactured and that we must be careful to not hurt Muslims’ feelings; there have been thousands of lives lost to religion and war.  But in this day in age it is this religion and this war. By his same logic, we can make the argument that violence can permeate all religions and peoples, like Hindus, Buddhists, or Christians, as an example.

But the violence we see today, seems to be a particular element that is, at present, unique to Islam. If a Hindu gets offended or their deities are insulted, you don’t see many who decide to mosey on down to a night club at two in the morning and (in the name of their religion) proceed to slaughter countless of innocent people. It just doesn’t happen, it’s the same for every religion across the board, save Islam. Even in Indian Kashmir, the sort of class of civilization, it is still based on a a violent accession of Islamic separatists.

ISIS beheads innocent Syrians
ISIS beheads innocent Syrians

The United States is a multi-pluralistic country where people of all different religions are allowed to live as long as they live peacefully.  And that is something worth fighting for.

So why doesn’t Obama just call it what it is? The inherent violence present in the Islamic religion is wholly absent in Buddhist teachings for example, or in Hinduism, or the Shinto religion. Tina Houchins is right, we have to call it out for what it is, Radical Islamic terrorism.

Many of these Islamic State infidels shout out “God is Great” before they detonate suicide bombs attached to their vests. Or before they behead a Western journalist doing fieldwork in Syria or Afghanistan, for example.

The answer Obama gave wasn’t just empty of any real substance, it was downright insulting to Ms. Houchin’s dead son, and thousands of others who gave their lives in order to protect America.

In a post interview after the town hall, Houchins knew Obama was never really going to answer her question, “I really didn’t believe he was going to answer me, so it wasn’t something that I expected an answer from,” Houchins said. She went on to say, “I saw his point…but I feel that you’re not lumping them all [Muslims] together, because that’s like saying ‘all people are bad. There’s bad people and there are good people and you have to separate the difference and the bottom line is my son was killed by… Islamic terrorists,”.

Millions of Americans know the face of the enemy and aren’t afraid to call it for what it is. The Islamic radical culprits must be identified lest the affliction of political-correctness run our country straight into the ground.


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