Former Marine In Iraq Tells Brutal Truth About “Muslim Ban” And Gets Evacuated


Former Marine Evacuated From Iraq For YouTube Video

A former marine sergeant was working as a security contractor in Iraq until he was evacuating for endorsing Donald Trump’s temporary immigration freeze. The video received 43 million views, but he was evacuated at around 8 million views.

The former marine simply told the truth…

The Truth About Iraq Locals

Steven Gern’s video told the truth about what it would be like for an American to walk among the people in the streets of Iraq unprotected. 

What exactly would happen?

Iraq Soldiers | Photo Credit EA Worldview

Gern said he would “absolutely not be welcome.” He actually spoke with a few locals who were upset with Trump’s executive order, but in turn, they said he would likely be killed and tortured within an hour of walking the streets alone, and then beheaded as an example. 

This isn’t just terrorist groups…

The Local Populace Would Torture Americans

Gern’s main point was that it wasn’t just ISIS who was out to get Americans. “This is the local populace who would do this,” said Gern.

“This isn’t ISIS, this isn’t Al Qaeda, this isn’t the PMU…”

ISIS Video | Photo Credit Heavy

So Why Should Americans Invite These People To America?

Steven Gern concluded, “So, my question to them was pretty simple after that: If you would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you into my country? Because all this means to me is that, if you have the opportunity to take the life of an American, you would do it.”

Terrorists | Photo Credit Odyssey Online

Remember this?

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