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FBI Discovers 30 Emails Amongst 1000’s More Directly Related to the Massacre in Benghazi

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31


FBI Discovers 30 Emails Amongst 1000’s More Directly Related to the Massacre in Benghazi

In recent news, Hillary is in the spotlight again for her shady ways. According to a recent sweep on emails, performed by the FBI, direct links to Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi have been discovered. For whatever reason, the now lawyer for The State Department has stated they will need until the end of September to review the emails and keep secured any potentially, classified information safe before releasing the emails. More than 55,000 pages are included in the investigation.

Many, including Mehta, inquired as to why it would take so long to release the 30 documents loaded with the information about Hillary’s connection to Libya and Benghazi.

With only 30 documents, the amount of time for a legal team should take far less time according to several specialists. Mehta, then gave strict orders to be updated in no longer than a week as to why it would take so long for the 30 documents to be reviewed and released.

Apparently, more than 14,900 of the emails released by The State Department were previously unbeknownst to the FBI. The release of the emails was ordered after a legal group Judicial Watch, sued for access to the emails that directly related to the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary still claims, she never deleted any emails pertaining to her position as Secretary of State, only personal emails.

Regardless, there are less than three months until the elections and the Conservative party is applying much pressure to see to it that the emails are reviewed and released in time to disclose any incriminating evidence against Hillary.

The FBI is expected to release information very soon, relating Hillary’s decision to release classified information and other government documents, some of which may have led to the attacks at Benghazi. It appears as though; Hillary was quite careless although she may not have technically broke the law. In either case, can we really trust a president so careless that it leads to the death of multiple American citizens and troops? Just take a look at Obama, look how careless he has been and look how far that has gotten us.

This month was the month the FBI shared the information from its yearlong investigation with congress.

The FBI supposedly interviewed Clinton for several hours before making the choice to close the investigation. The Justice Department then accepted the recommendation by the FBI. Time will now tell the outcome of the investigation. I hope everything is revealed before the elections in November. If not, it’s very convenient for Hillary and the Democratic party, although it’s definitely not a surprise to me at all. Post your comments below as to what you think the outcome of the investigation is and what you think should be done about it in either case.

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