Editorial: Why I believe Jessica Leeds’ claims of assault are false


In a story put out by the New York Times, Jessica Leeds, claims she was on the same flight as Mr. Trump in 1978. She also has claimed that Trump grouped her. Here is why I think that is false.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

Research uncovered relates the exact same “Jessica Leeds” to Donald Trump in a golf course property dispute in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California in 2007/08. The story was both carried in the New York Daily News and in the Lost Angeles Times. The dispute involved the planting of fast-growing ficus trees that blocked resident’s ocean views. Trees Trump had planted because of the unsightly appearance of the 50s bungalows in the residential neighborhood adjacent to the golf course.

The New York Post article, dated Oct. 17, 2007, even included a quote from Jessica Leeds;

“We can watch the whales go by, the pelicans go fishing, the kite surfers. It’s an idyllic life…and now Donald Trump comes along and takes that away,” said Jessica Leeds, 62” –New York Daily News

On October 30, 2008, the Los Angeles Times, reported of Rancho Palos Verdes homeowner, Jessica Leeds, who had a bitterly contested property dispute against Donald Trump in which she lost. What are the odds that the exact same Jessica Leeds is also the exact same age as Trump’s accuser (adjusted to 2016). It appears as though Leeds has been grinding an axe for quite some time.

Credit: CNN
Leeds on CNN

In addition, a UK man who claims he was on the same flight as Jessica Leeds, in which the woman claimed Trump “was like an octopus,” stated that the grouping did not happen. It is curious to note that on a public plane, it would be hard not to notice someone grouping a woman “like an octopus.” Surely someone would have noticed. So far, it is only the man claiming that this did not happen who has come forward as evidence either for or against the allegations.

The Hill, a center-left leaning news outlet, also stated that this was in fact a different Jessica Leeds, who “did not wear glasses” and “had red hair.” But so far, there is no evidence that actually demonstrates the first Jessica Leeds’ appearance, aside from her age, which is the same as the New York accuser.

The fake Jessica Leeds story, put out by The Times, was written and ‘investigated’ by Megan Twohey and Michael Barbaro. Two reporters who have previously made questionable reporting on Trump. In a story put out in May, Twohoey had reported on Trumps ex-girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane. Twohoey claimed Trump debased and humiliated Lane. It turns out the story was a hoax. Upon reading it, Lane was outraged that Twohoey and Barbaro had fabricated their own story about her. Lane conducted an interview in which she stated,

“They promised several times that they would do it accurately. They told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that I was telling it honestly, and it absolutely was not.

They spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump, and I don’t appreciate them making it look like what I was saying it was a negative experience because it was not.” –Rowanne Brewer Lane

It is evident by the resurrection of the Los Angeles Times news article, that Leeds was so enraged at losing against Mr. Trump, that she had to get back at him somehow. Seeing an opportunity through the defamation claims put out by the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump, Leeds took action. Alleging assault back in 1978 would be a way to get back at the man who wronged her in terms of her property. Surely people would believe it. Leeds was not counting on the fact that people could remember as far back as 2008 and even as far back as the 70s. Leeds must also have forgotten that she had been in a public dispute with Mr. Trump involving property. Leeds has given new life to the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” either in love or this time, in real state.