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Exit Polls Are Trump’s Only Hope… He’s Counting On You

By Jeff Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-21

Exit Polls Are Trump’s Only Hope

By Alex Wilkenson

As confirmed this week by multiple news stories, the electronic polling machines used by a majority of the swing states in this years elections can be hacked.  

What this means in plain English is that no matter how many of Trump’s loyal supporters show up and vote, if the voting precinct is run by Democrats, the computer can be rigged to show Hillary winning.

There is no paper trail.  There is no log of actual votes.  The hackable voting machine is the only witness.

People around the country are rightfully outraged at this unacceptable reality, and yet this is the election we face.

Its not just about showing up at rallies.  Its not just about getting your friends to vote.  And shamefully, its not even about showing your love for this country and casting your own vote for Trump.  

The mainstream press wants Hillary, so will downplay the attendance at the Trump rallies.  They will convince Trump supporters that he has no chance and they might as well stay home.  And in some precincts, election officials will fiddle with the electronic voting machines and rob voters of their right.

Here is how the main stream media will try to steal the election from Trump.  Bogus polls will be taken leading up to the election that say Hillary has a big lead.  These polls will be reported back and forth like an echo chamber between the TV, radio and internet news sources.  The purpose of this reporting is to create an expectation in the general public.  

Then, when election-day comes, the voting precincts controlled by Democrats can hack into the voting machines and cause the results to reflect the fake poll that was reported on all week.  It’s impossible to tell when a voting machine has been hacked, so there is no follow up, and since the anticipated result was reported all week, people simply accept it as reality.

But they can’t steal the exit polls.

Exit polls may be Trump’s only hope in this election.  Exit polls are conducted outside of voting precincts by various groups in order to get an early gauge on the results.  No one is required to say who they voted for, but some people choose to announce their vote to the pollsters standing outside the voting hall as they leave.  

Exit polls are the Democrats worst fear because they are public and can’t be tampered with behind closed doors.  Exit polls are “on the record”.  The results from the voting machines should closely mirror exit polls- otherwise people will suspect fraud.

This means that Democrats can’t make dramatic changes without getting caught.

No matter what the echo chamber of made up news reports, exit polls keep everyone honest.

Trump supporters are the silent majority.  

Trump rallies are often ten times larger than Hillary events.  

Trump has all the momentum.

The final thing he needs is for every person who casts their vote for Trump to announce it proudly to the exit pollsters.  Exit polls elect Trump.  Period.

Spread the word and let’s Make America Great Again.

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