Exclusive Look At What Trump’s Wall Might Look Like…


CNN Created This Rendering Of Trump’s Wall…

The animation department at CNN created this rendering of President Trump’s wall, but there’s not yet confirmed to be official. 

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

There Appears To Be Two Walls

According to CNN, there are actually two walls with a road in between. Presumably, the road in the middle would be for border patrol. 

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

One Wall Appears To Have Barbed Wire

While one of the walls is focused on height, the other has barbed wire to keep out those who will try to climb the fence. 

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

There Are Lights Along The Wall

According to this CNN rendering, there will also be lights along the wall which will be ideal for guards patrolling the area. 

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

Is CNN’s Wall Rudimentary?

It’s difficult to say where CNN is getting this information. Perhaps this information is rudimentary, but we’ll likely see the real thing very soon. 

What do you think of this interpretation of Trump’s future wall?

Trump’s Wall | Photo Credit CNN

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