Environmentalist Andrew E. Sabin Supports Donald Trump

By Amber Bogdanowicz | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-23

Andrew E. Sabin, a wealthy supporter of climate change is a major donor to the Global Wildlife Conservation along with similar organizations. 

He leads nature walks at a local natural history museum. In his support of environmental causes even has four species named after him.  He is a Hillary Clinton lover right?  Wrong! Sabin is a huge Trump fan who donates a lot of money to get Trump to be the next president. 

Sabin Gives Trump A Lot Of Money

Sabin donated thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign.
He donated thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign.

Most of the Republican’s elected officials deny the existence of man-made global warming.  Organizations dealing with environmental protection like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council are adamant Hillary supporters.  However, Mr. Sabin doesn’t want to be a statistic.  He’s been giving large sums of money to the Republican Party for many years with over half a million dollars going to Republican candidates, committees, etc.

He recently gave Trump Victory $100,000.  This is a joint fund-raising venture with the Republican Party.  

How An Environmentalist Can Love Donald Trump

Sabin says that Trump wouldn’t hurt the environment.  He recognizes that he wants to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. He also knows that Trump believes global warming isn’t real. 

Sabin said, “I don’t think he believes half the things he says.”  When he speaks with Trump he feels that Trump is reasonable with a good temper than wants clean air and clean water.  In regards to the EPA and Paris agreement, he points out that Trump could never get that through Congress anyway.  He said, “There are good checks and balances.  He won’t be able to do whatever he wants.”

Finding Love in Shared Hate

Sign showing "Hillary for Prison 2016"
Sign showing “Hillary for Prison 2016”

Both Mr. Sabin and Donald Trump could care less about Hillary Clinton who he sees as “untrustworthy, unethical, and unfit.”  He even has a few signs in his yard saying, “Hillary for Prison.”  One night they disappeared and he responded by putting them on stilts with a 6,600-volt electric fence.  Now that’s commitment.

As Susan Rockefeller puts it, “You will have a fascinating journey down the rabbit hole in trying to understand the complexity of Andy Sabin.”

More Than Money

Sabin has done more than just donate money to the effort.  He has also made a few trips to Washington to convince the Republicans in Congress to realize the threat of climate change.  The Hawaiian shirt-clad Republican visited many Republican offices including that of Chris Gibson of New York and Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming.  He points out that he doesn’t “discuss climate change.”  He discusses “health.”  So, he said, “Chris Gibson of New York, Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, as well as Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming.  Democrats aren’t going to convince Republicans that climate change is real, so I’m trying to get them to the same place.”

Sabin believes that if he can get lawmakers to invest in clean energy jobs and for businesses to make less pollution, with the common goal of public health in mind, then everyone could be on the same page and it would result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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