Donald Trump Gets Standing Ovation In Black Church


In spite of the hostility he faces, Donald Trump continues to try to reach out to the black community. Trump is genuinely trying to meet and speak with the people of Great Faith Ministries International. Inside the predominantly black church, the atmosphere is warm and inviting according to tweets being put out by at least one member of the congregation. 

Donald Trump, Black vote

“Trump announces he will cite 1John, Chapter 4 and the audience erupts. Then the Bishop wraps him in a prayer shawl.” Tweeted Rochelle Riley from inside the church.

Great Faith Ministries International, is under the pastorate of Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. It is a non-denominational, Bible-believing, spirit-filled church. Their website proclaims they believe in setting the captives free. That was demonstrated today when they hosted Donald Trump while protests abound in their parking lot.

There were a lot of people held captive to hate filling their parking lot, shouting and stirring up strong opposition to the spirit of unity and truth.

Black church, Donald Trump

“Hell NO, I won’t go, I’m going to church!” 

Yelled one protester when the mounted police tried to push back an ever growing hostile crowd. 

With signs that read, “F**k Trump” brandished about in the church parking lot, it is hard to believe that these protesters were part of Great Faith Ministries congregation. 

No. They were agitators. 

Black Church, Donald Trump

While one man with a megaphone kept repeating, “Peace and Order” but to little avail, the crowd grew more hostile. Refusing to back up, there were numerous shouts of “get your hands off me.” 

The Detroit Free Press aired live video of the turmoil. One man interviewed proclaimed he had a right to enter the church. His “right” that he kept referring to wasn’t because he was a member of the church. Obviously, he was not.

He complained that in order to enter the church, you had to have a ticket. This seemed outrageous to him. A ticket to get into the church.

Seems reasonable to me. How else would they be able to make sure that their own congregation would be able to get in the building?

One man, in an interview, stated that,

“Everyone who stands with this man [Donald Trump] I question your character.” He was a prime example of the type of groupthink that has infected the democratic party for so long.

Meanwhile, inside the church some very peaceful moments seemed to be happening. At least according to several of the tweets coming from inside.


One member took to twitter to say that the Bishop had draped a prayer shawl around Donald Trump before he left. This she said, was to “keep him safe.”

When Trump finished speaking, he read a scripture. The congregation gave him a standing ovation.

Donald Trump is constantly charged with being divisive. Today, the divisions were not inside the church–it was outside yelling in the street.