EPIC: Trump’s 6 Steps To “Making America Great Again” Don’t Disappoint

Source Credit: businessinsider.com

As a dealmaker, Donald Trump is unpredictable, (this gives him the competitive negotiation edge), which scares the left and excites the right. One thing we all know, he has strong opinions on transforming our nation, turning what has become weak, back into a global strength.

Many Americans have questions about the details, however.

So far, for the most part, we know the who — those strategic administration placements ensuring Mr. Trump surrounds himself with voices of wisdom. Now the public wants to know the how behind the what.  

“How exactly is President Donald Trump going to change things when he crosses the threshold of the oval office?” 

“What specific upturns will Trump navigate to get us off the wrong track?”

You will love the first one. You might even guess number four. But number one, few people can believe he will even try–no one else really has. 

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