Reducing Crime: Trump Believes There’s ONE Way To Do It Immediately… Do You Agree?

Source Credit: WiseGeek

I can’t disagree with his assessment of a huge problem in America. Donald Trump isn’t taking it lightly either.

You’d have to bury your head in the dirt to miss the chaos affecting our country on a daily basis. Obama’s administration successfully resurrected the race issue, divided our nation, and created dangerous discord between criminals and law enforcement. 

There is one positive outcome from this, however, light has been shed on a real problem. And it’s a problem Donald Trump is already addressing. 

According to Jason L. Riley in his article, Harlem Gives President Trump a Chance, not everyone who stood against Donald Trump is still angry that he won. His article goes on to say that to decrease crime in urban areas, change must start in churches and with families. 

Trump has some serious things to say about the problem, and some specific plans to turn things around. See if you agree with our president-elect’s strategy…

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