Donald Trump Soaring Past Hillary In The National Polls

Donald Trump’s national polls are going up, up, and up. So, the mainstream media, along with the democrats are making a big mistake in ignoring the polls. That’s why they are in for a big surprise this November.

National Poll, Donald Trump
The Left, the media elite, and Hillary Clinton supporters are certain she will be the next president. So sure are they, that they can’t entertain any other thoughts. Because of this, they are ignoring not just the national polls, but also the tremendous crowds, and the record-breaking voter turnout in the primaries.
In spite of all this, they simply can not consider that there will be a President Donald Trump. For them, Hillary is a done deal. The rest is just a show. (Just like the democrat’s primary–ask Bernie Sanders.)

That’s why I think the Left needs a bit of a history lesson.

Once upon a time there was this big war. We called it World War II. At the time there was a dangerous, no deadly, mentality that spread like cancer throughout the American leadership. As the war was gearing up, our intelligence had evidence the Germans were going to execute a major counteroffensive. In spite of the evidence put before our generals, it was dismissed. They refused to accept the hard evidence placed at their fingertips.

Why? You ask.

The very same reason the political elite, will not see the movement, or the people that are making the Trump train speed ahead to the White House.

They had decided, no convinced themselves actually, that Hitler just didn’t have it in him. Intelligence didn’t matter. Facts were useless in the face of their “groupthink.” They had determined their own truth. And they were willing to put lives on the line to prove it.

You may have heard of that little battle that ensued. Today, it’s known as “The Battle of the Bulge.” The Germans caught the Allies with their pants down and left tens of thousands of American lives lost and injured. 

One way to describe the new Left-wing of the democratic party is “groupthink.” Political correctness has limited their speech. It also limits their ability to think critically. They are stuck in, what I call, bumper-sticker theology.

Philosophies that can only stick to a back-end, and only resonate if you think about it for less than 10 seconds. 

Like the generals, the political elite (and that’s both republican and democrat) just will not open their eyes to what is happening before them. 

Hillary Clinton’s belief that she is completely above the law, as illustrated by her actions, will become the left’s “Battle of the Bulge.” They are going into battle with the false security, that an ignorant electorate will keep them in power.

Instead, their groupthink will leave their failed ideology bloodied on the battleground of ideas.