BREAKING: This Latest Endorsement For Rex Tillerson Is Turning Heads…


President-elect Donald Trump continues building a strong administration for America. He just announced his pick for a key role, in Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State. This man represents our nation when he goes out into the world. He will bring fresh wisdom and a fresh voice to our country — something we desperately need. 

As David Asman said on Fox News show Outnumbered, “The state department is in a mess. They call it “The Foggy Bottom” for a reason. They wasted 6 billion dollars, it just disappeared.”

But of course, Democrats won’t take responsibility for their actions, their too busy criticizing Trump for his choices. Nothing new there. However, a very influential woman has just come out to show support for Trump and Tillerson. And her support is going to turn a lot of heads. She might turn yours too.

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