EPIC: Trump Is “Bringing Christmas Back”… NO More “Happy Holidays”!


Thankfully, Donald Trump has once again rushed in to rescue us from oppression.

Obama held political correctness over the heads of Americans like a guillotine. He and his cronies threatened our traditional way of life by forcing us to say, “Happy Holidays,” making “Merry Christmas,” taboo.

  • Christmas trees were removed from college campuses.
  • Coaches disciplined leading athletes for prayer.  
  • Teachers were no longer allowed to host class Christmas Parties, while Holiday Programs replaced Christmas Songs at school musical events.
  • Students were brainwashed to believe “Christmas” was a bad word.
  • Major corporations dictated what greetings employees were allowed to say.

It’s a wonder Obama didn’t pass a law, arresting people for, “Wishing you a Merry Christmas.”

In the last eight years, Socialist Progressives took politically correct culture to new heights. But Donald Trump is giving us back our voice by saying, “Merry Christmas.” Find out why we should say it too.

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