Donald Trump Humiliates Obama In The Most Amazing Way Possible

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24


On the eighth day of the worst devastation the people of Ascension Parish, Louisiana has ever known, Donald Trump came to help. In doing so, he inadvertently schooled President Obama in the art of leadership.

The Creole reports

‘He listened to us and was actually talking to the boots on the ground,’ said St. Amant Fire Chief James E. LeBlanc, who lost everything he owned in the flood.”

“Trump also met with Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley, Parish President Kenny Matassa, OHSEP Director Rick Webre, Gonzales Fire Chief Tracey Normand and many other officials and first responders.”

The report goes on to say that Trump’s biggest concern was the children. He wanted to know how many were displaced and how the schools were affected. They seemed surprised at the amount of questions Trump asked.

Where have we heard this story before?

Oh yes. It was on stage at the Republican Convention when the Trump children described their father as a leader. He talked to people, they said, who did the hard work. Their opinion mattered to him, they said. People mattered to him, they said.

Now, someone who can give Donald Trump nothing in return is saying the same thing.

Donald Trump showed extraordinary leadership, and revealed the side of the man his children tried to describe to a world that only saw a businessman.

Giving new meaning to the old cliché, “putting your money where your mouth is” Trump donated an 18-wheeler loaded with supplies. His main concern was for the people who are trying to salvage their lives, and their homes.

LeBlanc is also quoted as saying now that Trump has come, “Now everybody wants to come.”

LeBlanc went on to describe Trump as nice, genuine and very concerned. Sounds pretty much what we heard his children describe him as well.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton also showed their compassion and leadership skills as well. President Obama played his tenth round of golf and continued living the billionaire lifestyle while the billionaire stepped into presidential shoes.

Hillary Clinton, likewise revealed her leadership style. She did the same thing she did for our American heroes fighting for, and lost their lives in Benghazi.



Left alone to fight for themselves without her lifting a finger. That’s exactly what she has done for the people of Louisiana. Do you think maybe she’s waiting for donations to come through the Clinton foundation?  

Donald Trump was among the first responders. He donated not just necessities, which were so desperately needed. But also gifts of toys and Play Dough for the children. And lest you think that Play Dough shows lack of understanding, amid so much need, I challenge you to look into one of these children’s eyes.

Donald Trump already has.

Do you stand behind Trump? Do you think he would make a better president than Obama?

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