Trump’s Successful Turkey Pardoning Has Progressives Cracking Up Like They…

Trump Thanksgiving turkey
President Donald Trump | Photo credit | National Review

The presidential pardoning of two Thanksgiving turkeys is a long-standing tradition. This year marks the 70th time the National Turkey Federation has presented the U.S. President with turkeys. Pardons didn’t begin until the Kennedy administration was in power. Now it’s Trump’s turn to participate in the event.

Trump haters were sure the president was going to ruin this tradition. Stories began emerging on Monday, mocking President Trump before the event took place. Left-leaning news sites and progressive keyboard warriors seized the opportunity to share their vision of how badly Trump will handle it.

Angry Birds

 Thanksgiving Turkey
Angry turkey | Photo credit Harry R. Schwartz

First-up was NPR. While sharing a history of presidential turkey pardons, the site couldn’t help but wonder how the president would handle the event. “This year’s turkey pardon should be interesting to watch. It’s Trump’s first one,” they wrote. “It’s a lighthearted event, but Trump isn’t known for his public laughter.”

Next in line was Sharon Watts, who is the founder of “Moms Demand Action,” a grass-roots organization that advocates for gun control. On Twitter, she took a shot at the president and his sons with a poll. Suffice it to say, her aim could use some work.

The Boston Globe published an Op-Ed by Debra Klein. “A lot of people think President Truman pardoned the first turkey, but he ate it,” wrote Klein, who pretended to be Trump. “And in keeping with that great presidential tradition, and in keeping with my administration’s new tradition of truly horrifying, unthinkable practices and beliefs… I’ve decided not to pardon the Thanksgiving turkey.”

Satirical website, Real News Right Now, shared a story titled, “President Trump Orders the Execution of Five Turkeys Pardoned by Obama. The article is actually quite funny, as it seemingly targets President Trump’s critics. However, that isn’t the best part. The New York Times actually had to tell their readers the story was not true.

“…And rumors that the president has ordered the execution of all turkeys previously pardoned by Barack Obama are not true. It was a joke on a website. Stop telling people that!”

Now that’s a reason to be thankful.