College Kid Wants to Hear Chelsea Speak, Hillary Demands $500


Once again, Hillary and her campaign is under fire. Controversy has sparked because college students are being charged money to attend the “Conversation with Chelsea” event.

Penny pinching students from Penn State are disappointed by the actions of the presidential nominee. They had little hope for participating in the conversation with the daughter of Hillary. The attendance alone for the event will cost $500.  A photo with Chelsea would cost a whopping $1,000. There is also a special closed door reception the Clintons are charging $2,700 for.

“Although we certainly support Chelsea’s right to campaign on her mother’s behalf, we do not agree with Mrs. Clinton choosing to make this ‘conversation’ available exclusively to individuals who can afford or are willing to pay at least $500,” Ethan Paul said. Ethan is the president of the College Progressives at Penn State. “It is particularly deplorable that a $2,700 donation—the legal limit—gets a personal conversation with Mrs. Clinton,” added Paul.

College Kid Wants to Hear Chelsea Speak, this is what happened next

Secretary of the Progressives, Kahtryn Van Develde went on to talk more about the event, “Putting such an expensive price on involvement in elections really hurts college students who already feel there is no point to politics.” 

Many students added their opinion on the matter. Complaining about the cost they labeled as outrageous for college students. A Penn State College Newspaper said, “Dear Penn State Dogs Progressiveness isn’t cheap!”

The article was written on a conservative website called Heat Street. Other online sites also listed similar statements and disgust for Clinton’s demand of such a high payment.

Another reader added to the above statement, “Too bad these little progressives don’t see the irony in paying the maximum amount allowed just for access. [The] apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.” 

College Kid Wants to Hear Chelsea Speak, Hillary Charges More for Her Speech

College Kid Wants to Hear Chelsea SpeakThis isn’t the first time the Clintons made the paper for charging high prices for speeches or events. Clinton charged $300,000 for a speech she gave at UCLA in 2014. When asked about the gigantic sum of money, a UCLA official said the funding was supplied to Hillary through a privately funded endowment.

This begs the question, does Hillary even care about education or students at all? You would think a potential future president of the United States would gladly do all she could to support students of all ages from every walk of life. Does Hillary really need the money that bad? Where is it going to?

Or is she really as greedy and vile as many people make her out to be? I’m not pointing fingers or making assumptions, I’m just saying these actions speak very loudly being so close to the elections. More than anything I would love to hear what you think about the situation. Please by all means leave your opinion in the comment section below whether you agree with the story or not.