BREAKING: CNN Just Shot Themselves In The Foot… This Is Huge…


CNN Finds Footage, Creates Story

CNN Story | Photo Credit CNN

According to the number one source for fake news, CNN, “Footage has emerged of a heated row in the Oval Office on Friday that saw Donald Trump erupt into a ballistic tirade against Steve Bannon and other senior advisors.”

The footage shows a zoomed-in, crosshairs view of Steve Bannon in the Oval Office on Friday, hours before Trump went to Florida and tweeted about Obama potentially bugging Trump Towers during the election.

The speculation comes from a very short video with no audio.

CNN Pinpoints Fuzzy Images

CNN Story | Photo Credit CNN

“We have video from outside the Oval Office, which shows an animated conversation with Trump and his top aides. In fact, you can see Steven Bannon, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer, and Ivanka Trump,” concluded the reporter, based on a video that only clearly shows Steve Bannon.

“Now we don’t know exactly what was being discussed at this particular moment,” revealed the reporter, after making several wild accusations. The rest of the CNN story has been pieced together by unnamed sources.

The next conclusion comes from an image of Bannon boarding Air Force One.

CNN Decides When Trump Furious

Trump Air Force One | Photo Credit Getty Images

The Daily Mail reports, “A furious Trump told Bannon and Priebus they weren’t flying on Air Force One with him to Florida after reportedly storming out and heading down to Mar-a-Lago,” which is Trump’s private estate.

Rather than deciding to report actual news, CNN has decided to double-down on creating their own version of the news. There’s nothing more than a spy-like video of Bannon speaking to someone in the Oval Office.

CNN then decides to make their own conclusions based off this video and a few other pictures, while neatly tying everything together with more unnamed sources from inside the White House.

While this story isn’t pressing, one can’t help but wonder what they’ll make up next.

What do you think of this “story” by CNN?

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