Clinton’s Whitewater Scandal: Corporate Embezzlement, Tax loopholes, and Murder

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-22

What began in early 1978 as a seemingly routine investment opportunity of then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, turned into yet another short-sighted, solicitous scandal.  It called in to question the Clintons and their shady business dealings. Not only that; but unfolding events were to severely undermine the judgement of not only Bill Clinton but also his wife, Hillary.

A long line of ignominies beginning with fraudulent property investments (like the Whitewater case), wars, destroyed embassies, emails that leak sensitive information and actions which have affected national security at home and abroad. 

Clinton’s wonder emporium of infinite scandals is truly endless.

Clinton’s camp has feverishly worked hard at whitewashing (or in some cases hammering and bleaching) all her scandalous mishaps.  But, the Whitewater incident stands out. It showcases the lack of discernment and outright possible criminality (not to mention habitual lying) of Bill, and more specifically, Hillary, during their time in power.

The scandal that blew up to colossal proportions started with a failed joint venture with then real estate moguls, James and Susan McDougal.

The creation of the company helped Crooked Hillary and her husband acquire over 220 acres of land and earn a serious uptick in cash (through illegal corporate tax loopholes). Not surprisingly, the business failed. 

And as a result, their partner, James McDougal, in an attempt to leverage the bankruptcy of the company and recover financial losses, conveniently decided to change his career path.  He formed the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan company.

Their shady business dealings with partner James McDougal didn’t end there though.

After being investigated for handing out faulty loans in 1986, McDougal, ran his bank into the ground, and was subsequently forced to file for bankruptcy. After the US government spent more than 60 million dollars bailing out shifty McDougal and his bank, he was acquitted.

The aftermath saw McDougal and the Clintons emerge unscathed, innocent of any involvement in the matter. But it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s seen Clinton’s abysmal track record of scandal after scandal.

What’s probably most troubling about the incident and under reported by almost every news source is what happened next.  (And this is beyond the Clinton’s routine behavior of benefiting from illegal business dealings and tax corporate loopholes.)  When the US government started to poke into the matter, things took a dark turn.

Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1999
Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1999

Then Deputy of the White House Counsel, Vincent Foster, threatened to release three years of delinquent Whitewater corporate tax returns and testify before Congress.

Later that week, Vincent was found dead in a Washington area park. If that doesn’t raise serious concern, then consider the fact that federal investigators were denied access to Foster’s office immediately following the incident.  Giving Clinton’s aides exclusive access to the office so they could remove any and all files relating to Bill and Hillary.

Sure, we’re used to Hillary collecting millions of dollars from private donors in exchange for political favors and giving speeches for mega banks at a hefty price tag.  Even investing in Russian companies when it suits her interests, even associating herself with shady businessmen who are, to put politely, less than reputable. But at what end will Hillary Clinton stop in order to upkeep her mirage of a law-abiding, responsible, honest politician?

It seems Hillary crossed the line a long, long time ago. Time and time again, history shows that Clinton will do absolutely anything to get what she wants, and in some cases, possibly even murder.

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