Editorial: Clinton’s foreign policy will make Russia America’s top threat


Under Hillary Clinton there has been an effort to make Russia America’s number one enemy.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

There have been recent unfounded claims suggesting Russia was trying to sway the American election or through carefully choreographed media attacks on the Bear nation. Dangerous rhetoric coming from a political figure who worked to ruin America’s tenuous relationship with a post-soviet Russia.

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Putin / Clinton

The claims have only suggested that Russia could have somehow helped WikiLeaks attain information in regards to Hillary’s dealings. I believe she has repeatedly breached the trust of the American public, with no evidence to back her claims.

The leaks have revealed outright corruption conducted by the Clinton campaign; such as a willful and disgusting attempt to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign. As much as the liberal media likes to pedal the story, exposing the truth about Hillary is not an attempt to control the American election. It should have been the media’s job to do this in the first place in order to expose her underlining corruption.

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Clinton / Putin

On the other hand, a lot has been done to suggest that Trump is friendly with Russia; none of the claims have proven any legitimacy. These people know Trump does not have any dealing with Russia, but the story gets pushed into the national spotlight anyways. When the question was asked during the second presidential debate, it was diverted to a carefully crafted comment about Trump releasing his tax records.

While Donald Trump is confronted about his supposed association with Putin, he has had no direct or indirect dealings with the Kremlin. Trump responded by stating,

“I don’t know Putin, I think it would be great if we got along with Putin so we could fight ISIS together, but I don’t know Putin.”

He also stated that he had no investments in Russia or loans from that country. Something that comes in sharp contrast to Hillary’s dubious deal to send a huge chunk of America’s uranium to Russia. After a contribution of $ 500,000 US to Bill Clinton from Uranium One, a Russian company.

I believe Hillary’s actions could possibly amount to treason, while Trump has only stated he accepted Putin’s complement, and that Putin was a stronger leader in his country, than Obama had been in America.

Obama may be seen as many things in the world stage; but, aside from covert missions that have killed civilians through drone strikes, ‘strong leader’ isn’t one of them.

Obama / Putin

As other great world leaders in history have realized, Trump understands that America’s role as the world’s sole superpower requires working with both our friends and our enemies. This is part of the current context of world leadership and part of life in general. It is key to America and the world’s future stability. Undermining a possible friend, brandishing them an enemy while selling them uranium is hardly the way to achieve stability under Hillary’s leadership.

Hillary Clinton wants to appear strong against Russia, but Russia already dealt with her and her ‘new deal’ debacle. Russia does not respect Hillary Clinton, and will not respect her as President. America essentially risks nuclear war if Crooked Hillary shamefully becomes President.