Clinton’s Contempt for Americans: The Deplorables, Irredeemables, Basement Dwellers Across Political Divides

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

We are all aware of the now infamous insult by Crooked Clinton in which she called half of Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables,”.  The statement has played out in a media drama that depicted Clinton’s cold-hearted rhetoric.

What the media has missed, is the fact that, for crooked Hillary Clinton, this is a pattern which started long ago. As far back as the 90s, she was quoted calling inner-city criminals ‘super-predators’. Her statements serve as an insight into her character and, as a clear pattern, demonstrate her larger way of thinking; a way that is dismissive, aggressive, and calculated.

Starting during the nomination process of the Democratic party, which we now know was rigged in Clinton’s favor by a covert mission to derail Bernie Sanders’ bid.  Clinton made a statement calling Sanders’ supporters a group of “basement dwellers”.

If, by the time of the nomination, 40% of Democrats who supported Sanders were inferior “basement dwellers,” and half of all Trump supporters are “irredeemable deplorables,” how many Americans does Hillary Clinton have outright contempt for?

You don’t have to be good at math to know that there is a clear problem here that depicts Clinton’s elitism and disregard for the average American voter.

Clinton calls Trump supporters 'deplorable'
Clinton calls Trump supporters ‘deplorable’  Credit: CNN

Privately, Clinton’s contempt represents anyone who does not support her quest for power. What her statements demonstrate is a pattern of labeling, demeaning and categorizing people, that is characteristically un-American. 

This sort of pattern by Hillary has not garnered much thought into how it would affect someone as president.  Instead, the liberal media has been spinning a web that undermines Trump ever since the campaign started. Accusing him of the same labeling and demeaning racial categorizing of people.

But is Trump really a racist? Liberal media outlets have wasted no time in labeling Trump a racist.  But, it is a fact that the KKK ‘Grand Dragon’, Will Quigg, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Trump was also endorsed by a different KKK member, this time ‘Grand Wizard,’ David Duke, whom Trump had already stated was a “bigot, a racist, a problem” years back. Trump eventually disavowed his endorsement after media outlets pushed the matter, suggesting that Trump had somehow accepted the endorsement, even though he should not have had to address it in the first place.

All the while Clinton never disavowed the Grand Dragon’s endorsement.  Perhaps simply because it was never pushed in the media.  Perhaps because she secretly will take any votes in order to clench the presidency.

What this does clearly demonstrate is that the KKK votes across political lines and no political party has the dis-honor of being the sole racist party.  Although Democrats like to tote otherwise.

Whatever the matter on race, one thing is clear, Clinton shows contempt for whatever side of the political spectrum doesn’t back her, even when this occurs within her own party. For the Democratic candidate, this isn’t even a question about stance or politics or political leaning, race and ideology. It simply has to do with her insatiable and dismissive quest for power; as well as her willingness to go to any length to debase her opponents.

As such, Clinton is more like a dictator than an actual politician. Through her statements, it is evident that whomever doesn’t suit Hillary Clinton’s vision for America, should be labeled as something inferior or disposable.


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