Clinton and Trump Aids in Verbal Brawl at Harvard


Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government is usually a calm arena. Recently however, Clinton and Trump aids started a shouting match in an event that was supposed to showcase lessons learned from the long campaign.

Maybe the only lesson after this election is that these two sides will never reconcile, so perhaps the best idea is to simply move on.

ABC News delivered the details of the shouting match. “Clinton aides lit into their Trump counterparts for running a campaign that a top Clinton spokesperson said provided a “platform for white supremacists.”

They pinned their accusations on Trump’s choice to bring former Breitbart chief, Steve Bannon, on the team. Bannon has denied being a white nationalist, and members of the Trump team have defended him. Trump disavowed support from white supremacists and said he is the “least racist” person.

Things reached a boiling point.

“I would rather lose than win the way you guys did,” said Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

The Fight Continues

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway replied, “No you wouldn’t, respectfully.”

She went on to also say that the Clinton side was simply ignoring the flaws within their own candidacy. “How about, it’s Hillary Clinton—she isn’t with people,” said Conway.

Trump’s side went on to discuss how their campaign tactics included an aggressive candidate travel schedule in battleground states when Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook fired another shot.

“I would just say, Hillary did win the popular vote,” claimed Mook. This provoked other sighs and anger from the Trump side. Eventually Conway finally said, “Hey guys, we won—there’s no need to respond. He was the better candidate—he won.”

Clinton pollster Joel Benenson then responded that, “Two-and-a-half million Americans thought she was the better candidate,” based on recent reports by the Associated Press.

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Nothing New to the Fight

Nothing new was said on either side. But while themes are established, it’s tough to see that both sides are still at one another’s throats, after such a long and grueling election.

This only means that Conservatives will continue to hear endless criticisms of the Trump cabinet, and even ridiculous bigotry comments about racism. Things that used to shame people are now a part of what it means to participate in politics today.

What do you think about the ongoing brawl between the Clinton and Trump camps?