BREAKING: Trump’s Numbers Rise Dramatically… The Reason Why Might Surprise You

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-30

From the Left and from the Right, Trump’s Following Grows

We can’t know for sure, it’s still early in the elections relatively speaking. But it looks like more and more voters are starting to sway towards the direction of Trump’s ideals.

It’s already becoming clear, this is not a race about the presidency and the two candidates, it’s a race about our country and the voters. More and more people are beginning to change their mindset to, “Can I put Trump in power?” To, “How can I live with myself if Hillary wins the presidency?”

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Las Vegas

Are we reliving the Reagan election? Like Reagan, Trump has been looked at with suspicion by Democrats and Conservatives alike. However, my suspicion is instead directed towards them. While they see Trump as a dangerous renegade, looking to bring down the system.

I see Trump as a man who is ready to show the truth to Americans everywhere.

Many of can’t comprehend the corruption that takes place within the political system of this country. On the other hand, Trump has seen it first hand for decades and is not afraid to shed some light on it for the rest of us. Not only will he shed some light, but he will work hard to change it.

While the GOP may be rolling their eyes at Trump, the voters from the left and right are starting to make their decisions about him and the decisions are a good one. It’s turning out, most Americans would rather vote against their chosen political party, than see Hillary have any chance at doing more damage to the country. Quoting Heather R. Higgins from the National Review,

“Trump is an extension of that Zeitgiest for many – a long awaited reclaiming of control in their lives, their country, their self-identity.”

We still have plenty of time to see what happens before November. Voters have been known to sway at the last minute plenty of times.

However, the deeper Hillary and Clinton Foundation get into scandal, the more difficult it will become for the Democratic party to have any sort of valid reason for voters to vote for them. American’s are hurt, they’ve been lied to and beaten down for years by a broken political system. They have a deep pain and dislike for the current leaders of this country and will stop at nothing to see things change.

Too many, this is the last leg for this country.

If Hillary wins, it’s as though the entire system has failed and will broken beyond repair. Citizens of this country want their rights and their lives back.

We all watch as day by day, more and more “privileges” that were created as rights by our founding fathers are stripped away.

Americans are sincerely worried about the State of the Union and safety of their families, their finances and ultimately this country. It’s because of these worries, and the fear that things will only get worse if Hillary wins that so many are Democrats will be voting Trump, if they don’t support him. Like, comment and share this post to show support for Trump and to keep Hillary out of office. With your support we could potentially sway the polls in Trumps favor so much, that Hillary stand no chance at infecting this country with her political and ethical thought virus any further.

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