BREAKING: Donald Trump Offends Clinton Supporters–No “Presidential” Look


Are you ready for the cry-baby controversy of the day? Donald Trump had the nerve to say that Hillary Clinton lacks a “presidential look.” Yeah. He did. 


Of course, it doesn’t matter that the exact same thing has been said of Donald Trump since the campaign began. Well, that is, right up until he stood next to the president of Mexico. But hey, if Trump said it, it must have had to do with how the woman looks–right?

Not backing down, and we’re all happy for that, Trump told ABC News,

“I really do believe that Clinton doesn’t look the part.” 

Trump simply stated that he doesn’t think she has the overall appearance that gives a presidential impression. No specifics, just a general opinion.

ABC Reports:

“Victoria Budson, the founder and executive director of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, said Trump has been using talk about appearances as a distraction.

“Between Carly Fiorina and the women in the press, we have seen a consistency in negative remarks about appearance and, each time, it’s drawing attention away from the importance of the issues,” Budson told ABC News.

“Historically, discussion of women’s appearance, dress, marital status, and whether or not they have children, have often been used as distractions to try to move voters away from a focus on female candidate’s platforms,” she added.

“As [former Texas Governor] Ann Richards often said, people often prefer to discuss ‘hair, hemlines and husbands’ and I think when the conversation moves there, the opponent doesn’t want the real conversation of the business of the American people to be the focus.”

There’s the spin, the double standard, whatever you want to call it. The trap that is laid is that anything said about appearance, whether it be clothing or persona, it will be used to push away women voters.

Face it. Trump is right. Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher. 

There is a dignity that we expect from a president. The claim that Donald Trump isn’t presidential was first levied at him. You didn’t hear him crying about it. Nope. Instead, he rose to the occasion. 

So, while we are talking “looking presidential” can we just say that president Obama does not look “presidential” in the least.

Snobbish. Narcissistic. Yes. 

Presidential? No.

So what is the look of a president? I think the best description I can give is by quoting one of my family’s favorite movies, First Knight. It’s the scene where Guinevere declares her love for King Arthur and her admiration for him– as he “wears his power lightly.”

The new president will need to wear his power well. Not leave it tucked in a drawer at the White House. 

  • Ann Marie Tagen

    ? Really?. Cry Babies.

  • Rachel Graziose

    So…Donald Jr’s. evaluation that, The Donald should name Ivanka as his VP b/c “She’s got the looks.” OMG.

  • Perry Sims

    Who wrote this ignorant crap? President Obama doesn’t “look” presidential???? What utter horse manure. He is serious as a heart attack when appropriate, and sings along with the music when that is the right thing to do. He calls out the bigots and the haters, but when any other mature man would cry, he cries too. Our President is in fine physical condition and has released a truthful report of his condition. Mr. Trump. in radical contrast, has released a laughable report from an even more laughable “doctor”. His overhanging gut, and lard ass make him sort of pear shaped, and spray painting his face to look like he has seen some sunlight, doesn’t really do anything positive about making him “look” presidential or the least bit healthy.

    • rickouellette

      Perry-I agree, Obama is the best president Iran ever had. He loves the Iranis to the extent that he just sent them 1.3 billion dollars in unmarked cash. They probably will use it for their girl scout program. Obama is the absolute worst president since WWII and Jimmy Carter finally got out of the cellar and his family is grateful to his replacement. Obama sings like a canary and has a linguini backbone. He is feared by nobody and despised by most world leaders. Regretfully , America chose the wrong man to be its first Black president.
      There are so many who would have been much better qualified. Good Luck America !!!

      • Perry Sims

        Yep, after George Bush killed Osama bin Laden, much to the chagrin of the bin Laden family whom he secretly rushed out of the country during the ‘no fly’ period after 9-11, Obama killed him AGAIN and took all the credit. A real weakling, huh. I also notice that President Obama, and former Presidents Carter and Clinton travel the world being presidential and doing good works for people, operating charities, and spreading good will. George Bush, on the other hand, appears to be hiding in Texas trying to keep from being extradited and tried for his crimes against the Iraqi people. Curious difference isn’t it. Incidentally propagandist, the 1.3 billion was the repayment of a debt. The US military industrial complex sold Iran a bunch of weapons, and took the money and then welched on the deal. We lost the case in court, and were required to give the money back. It is too bad that D. Trump has made it acceptable to be a crook in the USA and not feel guilt.

        • rickouellette

          You must have overdosed on your democrat pills today. Obama traveled the world on an apology tour blaming America for the ills of the world. Trump is not the one being investigated by the FBI for a money laundering operation conveniently referred to as the Clinton Foundation., The only reason Hillary is not in jail is that she is being protected by Obama. The democrats have the most corrupt person who has ever run for POTUS as their standard bearer. Obama did not kill anyone except with errant drones strikes. As for killing Bin Laden, Obama managed to make it to the Situation Room , along with Hillary, to ensure that he appeared on National TV and received credit for a job done by the Navy Seals. When four men desperately needed help in Benghazi that same Obama was sound asleep resting up for an all important fund raiser the following day. Hillary was probably too drunk to answer the phone but since she has sobered up she is now ready to be CIC. lol What a fake.!!! Good Luck America !!!

          • Perry Sims

            “Trump is not the one being investigated….” Are you daft? Well, yes. D J Trump is currently not only being investigated, he is awaiting trial on FRAUD and RACKETEERING charges in the State of New York because of his illegal “university”. The rest of your blather is meaningless. Who do you suppose the Commander in Chief of the Navy Seals was at the time that he ordered the strike on Bush’s buddy? Do you really think that the Navy acted unilaterally? Have you actually forgotten that the Republican Congress cut funding for Embassy security prior to the attack, and that Bush lost 60 embassy employees to terrorist attacks on HIS miserable watch? Of course you have. Dunning Kruger poster boy you are.

          • rickouellette

            Perry-there is absolutely no defense for Hillary leaving four men stranded in an untenable situation in Libya. The mere fact that she allowed Stevens to travel to Benghazi on the eve of 9/11 attests to her incompetence an outright stupidity., Hillary is the absolute worst and most corrupt candidate ever to run for POTUS. The democrats need to refill the barrel as the bottom has been scraped clean with this turkey. Good Luck America !!!

          • Jackie Stutmann

            The case regarding Trump University is a sham. The plaintiff doesn’t have a case and has backed out. Hillary is extremely careless and her deception knows no bounds. Not presidential at all, not to mention her constant hacking. She needs to just retire and take care of herself.

          • Perry Sims

            This is a class action suit. There is not a single plaintiff. The trial date still exists and you are still a liar. You are a double liar unless you can provide documentation that Mrs. Clinton has been “constantly hacking” anyone’s e-mail. I wish she could! I’d like to know what was in the 5 million e-mails that Bush and Carl Rove destroyed to protect themselves when they got busted trying to fire the Justice Department. You are right about one thing. Trump University WAS a sham. Oh, perhaps you’ve noticed that the entire freaking world is laughing at the joke that is Trump’s published health report. He tested positive for everything, and the bizarre language (never used by real doctors) was done by his apparently drug-addled doctor because, “it sounded like The Donald”. Go read about Dunning/Kruger and try to resist posting on adult threads. Please.

          • rickouellette

            Perry Sims-Trump Univ received praise from those students with the ability to learn. Those who say they got stung are the ones who should not have enrolled to begin with as they obviously could not absorb the material being taught. If found at fault, Trump will pay what the court directs. Lets talk about Laureate Education in which the Clintons were involved. Bill received 16.4 million dollars to serve a an honorary chancellor. Meanwhile Hillary’s State department funded Laureate (a for profit organization) to the tune of 23million in 2010, 21 million in 2011 and 23 million in 2012. Those were taxpayer dollars . Even that was not enough to prevent the school from going belly up with some 4.7 billion in debts. Bill resigned before the school became defunct. Now that is what one would call a real scam in which the Clintons, once again, burned the taxpayer while pocketing over 16 million dollars. Even that pales in comparison with the Clinton Foundation which is labelled by some researchers as the largest money laundering scheme in the world. Those Clintons really know how to live the high life. Good Luck America !!!

        • Jackie Stutmann

          Umm, Clinton Foundation, and 19 trillion in debt with nothing to show for it. Yes, the Clinton and Obama Legacy. Hillary is sociopathic and physically sick. She cannot hide that anymore.

    • Trish Johnson

      OH I’m laughing so hard, I might pee my pants!!!! Bahahahahahaha

  • Real truth

    Thus article is a pile of shit that goes nowhere. I want my 2 minutes back

  • victoria braddy

    “Snobbish. Narcissistic. Yes.” These are the good words that describe Obama; let me take a shot at it; but hold on, they would not let it be posted.

  • Sandy Grimes

    If he has so much money why does his suits look so bad on him, like a frumpy old man. They don’t fit very well. looks sloppy.

    • rickouellette

      Barack Obama looks good in a suit, but how has that helped the country ? It is what is in the heart and soul of the man and not the suit that counts. Good Luck America !!!

      • Uncle Benny

        Yep, heart and soul, two things that Trump is sorely lacking.

        • rickouellette

          You apparently do not know much about Trump. Yes, he is a fierce competitor in the business world but also a pussy cat when it comes to helping others. Your description fits Hillary quite well. (heart of stone and no soul)
          Good Luck America !!!

          • Uncle Benny

            I know plenty about Trump. You should have stopped after “Trump is a pussy.”

          • rickouellette

            Perry-start practicing saying, “President Trump”. It should not be too difficult even for a left winger. Good Luck America !!!

          • Uncle Benny

            OK, Rick, I’m game. I’ll try anything once.

            Well, not ANYTHING. I won’t try blowfish or bungee jumping.

            But here goes …

            President … hee-hee.
            President Tr … Oh, boy
            President Tru … ha-ha

            Yes, good luck, America, if this ignorant reality show blowhard ever gets into the Oval Office. The man who bankrupted four casinos – in charge of the US economy? (How the hell do you go bankrupt running a CASINO, for God’s sake?) The man who wants to know why we can’t use nuclear weapons, with his fingers on the nuclear button? The man with a secret plan to defeat ISIS, whose plan is apparently – to ask the generals for a plan? Those same generals whom Obama supposedly reduced to rubble? Or maybe some other generals? Who knows?

            Yes, good luck, America. You’re going to need it.

          • rickouellette

            Uncle Benny-you are selling Trump short. Nobody, at the time, could have predicted what would happen to Atlantic City, N.J. . Companies go bankrupt when the demand for their product is reduced or is no longer there. Trump had a total of four bankruptcies , all overbuilt casinos, out of some 400 businesses. Not a bad record when , on average, some 90% of all start-up businesses fail. Unlike Obama who has shut the generals out, Trump will involve them directly as they are the ones with the experience. Any good president would do the same. Trump would be stupid to lay out a plan to defeat ISIS for public consumption. You do not tell your enemy how you pan to defeat him.l Trump is a lot smarter than you give him credit for. He is not politically correct and does not always say what people want to hear. We have been lied to for so long that it is alien to hear the truth from someone running for office. The alternative would be Hillary who is a total basket case. When 89% of the American believe she is untrustworthy is it not time to seek an other route ? As for the nuclear codes. Activation is not a one man decision and, once again, you try to find something which Trump might have said that would indicate that as president, he alone would decide whether to strike or not. That is absolutely not the case and there are plenty of safeguards to prevent a knee jerk reaction by anyone. Yes, we may need Good Luck as a country with Trump but with Hillary we will be out of luck. PS. Bungee Jumping would be much safer than a Hillary presidency. lol Good Luck America !!!

          • Uncle Benny

            Well, Rick, I think you are giving Trump WAY too much credit. And I also think that continuing this conversation is pointless. You have made up your mind about Trump, as have I.

            November is coming. I agree with one thing you said – Good luck, America. You’re going to need it.

          • SHONNA GAMMON

            What do you know about Trump.

    • Perry Sims

      Made in China clothing generally is pretty sucky. Often made by people who live in near-slavery. Slavery is one of the Christian goals for making America GREAT again. People like D J Drumpf, have never really recovered from being required to actually PAY the people who do their work for them. Slavery is OK with the Bible, and we know the Drumpf knows all about behaving like Jesus!!! I’ve just wasted another 5 minutes trying to counteract Dunning/Kruger. My bad.

    • Trish Johnson

      Hillary raided Dr. Evils closet, so hes left with these suits. 🙂


      you’re grasping at straws and coming up with shit. Hilarious! !

      • Sandy Grimes

        just an observation

  • Susie

    Trump was the more presidential of the two. He has logical ideas about how to improve things. All she’s done is try to cover up all the lies she’s told.

    • Bill

      What drugs are you on because you’ve got to have been hallucinating

      • goodthoughts

        Can’t afford drugs, paying taxes to pay for all the freebies the greedies get, what’s your excuse?

    • Uncle Benny

      Logical ideas? Trump? You have quite the sense of humor.

  • Mary Eileen Gardner

    Funny, if Trump is criticised for not looking presidential it is OK. But if you say the same about Hillary they claim that you are attacking because she is a woman.

  • Jackie Stutmann

    She looks sick and tired, that’s definitely not presidential I would say.

  • Debra Torgerson

    Hillary always looks programed. I have wondered if on her notes for her speeches if there are reminders of when to open her eyes wide, move her hand, scowl, etc. And come on we are told we are not suppose to mention gender in our world, she is just a candidate and if she cant take the heat get out of the race.

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