Breaking: Donald Trump Just Passed Hillary In National Poll


Donald Trump, national poll


In the latest Rasmussen poll, Trump is now at 40 percent while Clinton is looking over his shoulder at 39 percent. 

That might seem like a small margin, it is, but it is nothing short of miraculous. 

What in the world could have caused it? 

Could it be Trump’s hard line stance on immigration? You know the one. The “softening” pundits loved to talk about with their fingers crossed for a flip-flop?

Or maybe, it was Donald Trump’s bold leadership. No one could claim he didn’t look presidential standing next to the president of Mexico. And just where was Hillary?

Just last week Rasmussen had Clinton leading Trump 42 percent to 38 percent. 

The Bussiness Insider explains the significance, by showing how far Donald Trump was behind in nearly every national poll.

“Renowned statistician Nate Silver’s “Polls-plus” forecast on FiveThirtyEight on Thursday showed Trump with a 30% chance of winning the election. Silver’s projections as recently as early August showed Clinton’s chance of winning in November at more than 90%.

Still, Clinton has come out ahead in virtually every poll since the end of July, with just two national polls listed on RealClearPolitics showing Trump ahead in either a head-to-head or a four-way matchup. A whopping 66 polls show Clinton on top.”

My how things have changed.

Is this a fluke? Most likely not.

Consider that while Donald Trump is enjoying record numbers coming to hear him speak, and well, Hillary is not.

Donald Trump went to Mexico, in spite of intimidating tweets and threats by a drug lord. He has stood firm on his immigration plan giving one of his best speeches to date. It’s hard to ignore a candidate that not only speaks to his party but reaches beyond.

What Donald Trump’s detractors would have us believe is that Donald Trump was so far behind in the national polls that there was absolutely no way for him to catch up.


While Hillary continues to stay hidden behind her manicured script, polished with a new shade of Bernie-Socialist-blues. 

As for Trump supporters– well, they are just getting started. Over the last few days, no matter how the mainstream media wants to spin it Donald Trump hit his stride. Now the national polls are going to start reflecting the shift.

Watch out Hillary.

Donald has the wind at his back. He’s gotten a taste of what it takes to stand next to the president of a foreign country. He’s already begun the process of making America great again. 

He is reaching into the African-American communities offering them real change. He’s offering safety in our neighborhoods. 

And where is Hillary? Oh yeah. She is speaking to a room full of empty chairs.