IT’S OFFICIAL: Alec Baldwin Just Made His Hate Official… Let’s Not Support It

Alec Baldwin Book | Photo Credit Amazon

In August, we warned you about the new book coming out from Alec Baldwin, and it’s now ready to hit the shelves. Available on November 7, the fake memoir is an outrageous parody that mocks the president on every horrible-page. The book not only aims for President Trump personally, but it also has a fair amount of arrows pointing at his supporters.

Co-authored with Kurt Andersen, Baldwin’s book You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump (A So-Called Parody). The book was inspired by the Emmy he won last year for his obnoxious portrayal of the president on Saturday Night Live.

The parody begins, with what seems to be an attack on Christians. 

“My inauguration, the actual legal takeover of the government with the Bible and then the speech, felt totally fantastic,” the book starts out. “Everybody watching, everybody listening, not just the 2 million or 3 million there on the Mall but like a billion people all over America…”

Baldwin as Trump
Baldwin’s Trump snacking in bed. | Photo credit The Hollywood Reporter

Baldwin continues the story from day one of Trump’s presidency. What do I wake up to?” he writes.” “All of the disgusting, dishonest media lying about the size of the crowd, every channel, every so-called expert. It was like bringing a beautiful supermodel home at night. You’re so happy, but then the next morning there’s a rotting corpse in bed.”

Not surprisingly, it only gets worse from there. 

Baldwin and Andersen brutally mock President Trump’s family, including his parents, uncle, and children. Advisers and cabinet members were also targets. They specifically mention Kellyanne Conway and First Daughter Ivanka, in a highly inappropriate passage:

“In the limo this morning on the way out to the CIA, Kellyanne gave me a neck rub, the way Ivanka used to love doing when she was little.”

The Pot and the Kettle

Baldwin mocks Trump
Baldwin as the president, contemplating life on a White House toilet. | Photo credit The Hollywood Reporter

Also included in the book, is a portfolio of equally outrageous photos.  In most of them, he is in very un-presidential poses.

Of course, we are certain that is the point of this whole sordid mess. It is also ironic coming from a man who is well-known for his angry outbursts. He even called his own daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”  

She was only 11.

Too bad we can’t have an America without Alec Baldwin, right?