Take A Closer Look At The ‘Decal’ To Learn Why This Texan Truck Is Making…

President Donald Trump | Photo credit Fox News

It’s very well-known that not everyone is a fan of President Trump. Almost every week, there is a new business, billboard, or picture, grossly misrepresenting the president. This week, it’s a vulgar anti-Trump truck decal. 

And it’s sparking a debate about free speech in one Texas city.

If you’re driving around the Houston, Texas area, you might have noticed this pick-up truck. On the back window, in big white letters, is a decal. And it has a Fort Bend County Sheriff, questioning the prudence of the First Amendment. Suffice it to say; it’s not a subtle message.

Trump Texas
Anti-Trump decal sparks free speech debate in Texas | Photo credit Houston Chronicle

Sheriff, Troy Nehls, sparked outrage on social media over the decal. Concerned it might lead to someone being hurt, he toyed with the idea of criminal charges. Speaking to a county prosecutor, Niehls put forth the possibility of charging the driver with disorderly conduct.

However, at a news conference on the issue, Nehls backed away from the idea. “We have not threatened anybody with arrest. We have not written any citations,” he said. “But I think now it would be a good time to have meaningful dialogue with that person. And, express the concerns out there regarding the language on the truck.”

Legal experts weighing in on the controversy says the driver has a constitutional right to express their views. “It would be dangerous to our freedoms if you start going that route where a sheriff has the right to start censoring people about what might be offensive,” said Philip Hilder, a Houston criminal defense attorney.

As much as we don’t like it, Hilder is correct. Too bad progressives don’t understand that.

One-Sided Speech

Pro-Obama and progressive bumper stickers | Photo credit Legal Insurrection

There’s no doubt that leftists are celebrating the decal and the driver. While they often virtue signal about hate-speech, their offense is usually one-sided. If this were a message to Obama or illegal immigrants, they would be rioting in Houston. In their minds, it’s only hate speech when it’s directed at someone or something they care about.

Nevertheless, conservatives can’t play their game. Despite Sheriff Nehls concerns about public safety, which are legitimate, he must walk away. But the driver needs to understand that free speech, isn’t free. It can come at a price, or at the very least, with harsh consequences.

Like taking longer than usual for the local sheriff to answer your call for help.