This Next-Gen America Anti-Trump Attack Ad Is Shaken, Not Stirred


We all need a good laugh from time to time and progressives, albeit unknowingly, are often happy to oblige. Take, for example, their latest anti-Trump attack ad for the mid-terms, featuring a booze-guzzling mom lecturing other parents about the evil GOP.

Tom Steyer and Next-Gen America run anti-Trump attack ad
Photo Credit | Business Insider

The left is notorious for basking in the putrid stench of their own echo chambers. They virtue signal about diversity and tolerance which are two words they know little about. That’s also what makes their attack ads so hysterically funny.

Their latest attempt to smear Trump,  sponsored by billionaire Democrat activist Tom Steyer, proves how clueless they are.  The narrator of the Next-Gen America video appears to be a wealthy white mom who’s upset that her son is a Trump supporter. For fun, we’ll call her “martini mom.”

You’ll learn why we named her that in just a minute.

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