How This Alligator Vs. Python Battle Is What Trump Deals With EVERY DAY

Alligator vs. Python
A Florida alligator fights a Burmese python on a Florida golf course. | Photo credit Richard Nadler/Facebook

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself what an alligator vs. python has to do with politics. Odd as it may seem, it has everything to do with it. President Trump is the ferocious gator, in the D.C. swamp, and liberal politicians are the snake. In other words, it’s Trump vs. Democrats.

Last week, some golfers in Southwest Florida had a front-row seat to a spectacular show. Instead of focusing on their golf swing or spending time avoiding hazards, they watched as a Burmese python battled a Florida gator.

Naturally, the striking photos got a lot of attention because it’s not something most people see every day. Or is it? What if we told you that most people do see a battle like this almost daily. You might think we are losing our marbles, right? We aren’t.

The Swamp

Trump vs. Democrats
Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump, and Nancy Pelosi. | Photo credit YpuTube

Surprisingly (or not), this fight is playing out at this very moment. While it isn’t a battle on a golf course, and the characters are different, it is a fight to the death. A war for the future of America that’s taking place in Washington.

Let’s look at the gator first, who we can compare to President Trump. Day after day, the gator wades through the swamp fighting for survival. Always on the defensive, the gator is unfairly labeled as a vicious predator. Those who possess little understanding of him are scared and therefore want the gator gone (impeached).

Next, we have the snake(s). Think Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Like the python on the golf course, they are placing a stranglehold on the gator. Or in this case, President Trump. Ironically, they do the same thing to the American people. You know, with high taxes, open borders, and lousy healthcare?

Fortunately, just like you see with the gator in the photo, Trump is clamping down. The snake, or Democrats, can put the squeeze on him, but he will eventually bite down with his powerful jaws. The president does that on Facebook and Twitter when he speaks the truth to voters.

If nothing else, the bite inevitably leaves a scar the slithery serpent won’t soon forget. Now we don’t know who won the fight on the golf course and really, it doesn’t matter. What does it matter is that Trump supporters know who will win the battle of the swamp. 

Chomp, chomp.