The Head Of A Black Leadership Network Just Stepped Up To Say This About Trump’s

Horace Cooper supports Trump
Project 21 Co-Chairman, Horace Cooper | Photo credit NPPR

Is there anything better in the world of politics than a shattered liberal narrative? To hear leftists tell the story, President Trump is decimating minority communities across the country. But, a quick look at who is running these impoverished cities proves they are lying. Now, an African-American leadership group is offering-up even more evidence.

Horace Cooper is co-chairman of the Project 21 black leadership network. You probably haven’t heard much about Cooper or the network, because they don’t fit in well with Trump-bashing groups like Black Lives Matter. Praising the president and his accomplishments, will never land them on the front page of the New York Times.

Yet, that is exactly what Cooper and his group are doing.

“Commonsense measures to reduce regulation are a major step in improving American economic conditions,” says Cooper, a former leadership aide on Capitol Hill. “Once Congress steps up to reduce taxes and repeal Obamacare, the markets and the economy will skyrocket- taking such good fortunes to black America and the rest of the nation.”

Moreover, the most recent unemployment statistics among African-Americans are out and they demonstrate how effective President Trump’s policies are. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black unemployment for September was at 7.0 percent. That is down from 8.3 percent a year ago. 

And, it’s down from the high of 16.8 which also occurred during Obama’s presidency.

Media Silence

Media silent on Trump accomplishments
Photo credit | Zero Hedge

Not surprisingly, the media isn’t reporting the stats and Cooper is noticing. “With the black unemployment rate falling to its lowest point since April 2000, and considering the persistently high levels of double-digit employment that existed during most of the previous administration, this news should really be garnering more attention,” he says.

Nevertheless, despite a lack of media coverage, Copper says the president’s policies should renew optimism in the black community. He credits President Trump for improving the job market and increasing the overall strength of the economy. Both of which, according to Cooper, were nearly crushed by Obama’s failed policies.

“This should be a source of economic optimism because the job market is expanding and improving overall,” Copper says. “Particularly so among American blacks who were hit hard during the sluggish, so-called economic ‘recovery’ touted by our previous president. Not bad for a man Democrats consider to be a racist, right?