Trump Reveals Plan For 2nd Amendment… Obama FURIOUS With First Point


Repeal Obama’s Executive Gun Controls

With one signature, Obama instantly put many suppressive gun regulations into place. The act was kept out of the public view and no one’s opinion was asked when the new policies were put into place. 

Obama signs a gun control EO. Photo: Odyssey

Firearm Suppressor Deregulation

Obama also put into place a process that makes it extremely difficult for Americans to purchase a gun suppressor. The process takes four to six months to complete and includes endless paperwork and fees. 

second amendment
A gun with a silencer. Photo: Huffington Post

Obliterate Social Security Gun Ban

Trump can get rid of one policy that prevents older Americans from purchasing firearms for self-defense. Obama has signed yet another law forfeiting senior citizens’ second amendment rights depending on how they handle their finances. 

second amendment
A senior holding a gun = a fantay during the Obama administration. Photo: Patty Dollard

Appoint a Pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court Justice

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016, pro-gun rights activists lost a voice in the Supreme Court. In the October 9 presidential debate, Trump announced he was looking forward to appointing judges like Scalia to the Supreme Court.

second amendment
Judge Antonin Scalia. Photo: NBCDFW

National Reciprocity for Gun Licenses

President-elect Donald J. Trump mentioned that he, like “tens of millions of Americans”, have a license to carry a concealed or open carry firearm. He states that every American should have the right to protect themselves and their family, emphasizing that this right should not end at the end of one’s driveway. 

second amendment
Trump talks about gun rights during an interview. Photo: Twitter

What are your thoughts about gun control?