5 Important Points Trump For Addresses Congress


Renewal Of American Spirit

During President Trump’s joint session with Congress, POTUS focused on the “renewal of American spirit.”

President Trump | Photo Credit Breitbart

Sean Spicer Hints At Other Tasks

According to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the president “currently working closely with the speechwriting team on presenting his vision to Congress and the American people.”

Sean Spicer | Photo Credit CNN

Trump Concerned With Safety And Defense

One theme of the address also involved a focus on public safety and defense. This is a major concern for President Trump, and the nation.

Trump Interview | Photo Credit CBN

Trump Concerned With Border Security

Trump will also speak about increasing border security in order to keep out those who bring harm to the American public. Next, Trump will speak with Congress about taking better care of America’s veterans and healthcare reform.

Border Patrol | Photo Credit LA Times

Trump Concerned With Job Training

Finally, Trump focused on job training, jobs, as well as tax and regulatory reform.

Which one of Trump’s subjects concerns you the most?

Trump Rally | Photo Credit Getty Images

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