HUGE: These 5 Photos Prove Trump Made America Great Again In 2017


Presidential Moments

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump. | Photo credit Washington Times

Before his presidency even began, most progressives questioned whether Donald Trump was the right man for the job. Since his victory, they have done, and continue to do everything possible to remove him from the White House.

From putting forth articles of impeachment to bringing in psychiatrists to judge his mental fitness, Democrats target him daily. Nevertheless, the following five photos prove that Trump is just what America needs to be great again.

Check them out and share your thoughts in the comments.

Border Wall

Trump border wall
Photo mock-up of Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. | Photo credit Business Insider

Currently, there is a stand-off between Trump and Congressional Democrats over the border wall. The left wants protection for DREAMers and the president wants to protect Americans.

While neither side appears willing to budge, we’d put our money on Trump. He knows that America can’t be unsafe and burdensome for its citizens and be great at the same time. No price is too high to ensure that safety.  

The Military

Trump and the military
President Donald Trump greets soldiers at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. | Photo credit

Another aspect of making this country great is maintaining a strong military. And showing respect for those who have served. President Trump does both. He acknowledges the need to support the men and women keeping the nation safe from global enemies. 

Moreover, an unacceptable number of veterans are living on the streets. Even more of them, are not receiving proper care for PTSD and other injuries. The president is working hard to fix the broken system that is letting our veterans down far too often.

Booming Economy

Trump stock market
The stock market added $5.2 Trillion in value since Trump’s election. | Photo credit Yahoo Finance

The economy is flourishing under President Trump. Jobs are plentiful, wages are rising, and unemployment is down. Thanks to these improvements, retailers and consumers worried less during the 2017 Christmas season.

Even better, the stock market is at all-time high and tax cuts are on the way for the middle-class. There is nothing more presidential than making sure every American can achieve the dreams they work hard for every single day.

President for All

UCLA players
From left to right, UCLA basketball players Jalen Hill, LiAngelo Ball and Cody Riley | Photo credit KTLA

Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump kept his promise to be a president for all Americans. Contrary to leftist’s cries that he is racist and misogynistic, he has proven that he is working for everyone.

Not only is unemployment down in minority communities, he also negotiated the release of three African-American UCLA students from China. Naturally, neither accomplishment earned him any positive recognition from his critics. 

Our Favorite

Trump inauguration
Donald Trump takes the oath of office on January 20, 2017 | Photo credit ABC News

So, what is the number one reason Donald Trump is fit to lead America? The answer is simple:

He won.