5 Memes That Prove “Liberal Logic” Is Funnier Than SNL


Illegal Business-Legal Criminals

Saturday Night Live has been on a mission. Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy as Donald Trump and Sean “Spicy’ Spicer have brought the show big ratings. But these “liberal logic” memes prove SNL isn’t the best comedy gig in town.

The looney progressives have a lot of double standards.

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Like business owners who don’t bake cakes are criminals while illegal immigrants are victims. And if their “standards” aren’t funny enough there is always the…

Liberal Playbook

Many would say that their tactics are more startling than strategic.

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Liberals really never have met an argument they didn’t like– or lose. However, one strategy they are very adept at is…

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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President Trump’s travel ban has created a global liberal panic.  Cries of racism and Islamaphobia have permeated communities from LA to London.

Except…he isn’t the first president to address the need for stronger national security. But he is the first one to mean it in a very long time.  Speaking of security, how about the…

Gun Debate

Liberals love to talk about gun control. In their world, guns kill children but…

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…abortions don’t. Gotta give them credit for executing (no pun intended) such a ridiculous argument with a straight face. But hey they are all about…

Love and Tolerance

These words must mean something different in liberal-land.

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A place where attacking women and children is considered acceptable.

Now for a real laugh–watch this…

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