Is 2018 the Time for Trump “Deplorables” to Live-Up to Their Name?

Trump "deplorables"
Arizona Trump supporters show-off their “deplorables” gear. | Photo credit Wikipedia

Just one day into President Trump’s second year, Democrats caused a government shutdown. Not even a month into the new year, the chaos and controversy of 2017 have continued without missing a beat. All of this means one thing. If Trump “deplorables” want to keep their president, it might be time to live up the name.

The government shutdown is just the beginning of the obstruction President Trump will deal with in his second-year. Anyone who hoped the liberal temper tantrums would eventually die out was, well, kidding themselves.

In the coming year, the president plans to continue to fight the liberal policies that are destroying the country. And there are some new ones, like government welfare, that are hitting the chopping block in 2018.

Now you can rest assured that Democrats, who openly favor a socialist society, will do everything in their power to stop Trump. Heck, they already are doing just that. And with the midterm elections just around the corner, it’s only going to get worse.

So the time to act is now. The future of America is at stake, and let’s face it, Facebook memes and Twitter tirades aren’t getting the job done. Besides, these tech giants are making it pretty obvious whose side they’re on.

Now, when we say it’s time to live up to the “deplorables” nickname we aren’t talking about violence or anarchy. We’ll leave that to the progressives in the anti-Trump resistance. But it is time for a revolution. One that starts and ends with the ballot box.

“We the People”

2018 is the year of “we the people.” | Photo credit Watchdog

Truth is, we live in a representative democracy. Therefore, the problems in Congress, the federal government, rest on the shoulders of “we the people.” Understanding that there is no such thing as a trivial law or meaningless election, is crucial to fixing those problems.

However, the solutions are simple. If you don’t want socialism in America, vote against the politicians who support it. And if you don’t want things like illegal immigration and taxpayer-funded welfare, vote against the lawmakers who do.

Stand-up, rise above, and let your vote be your voice. A voice that roars like a lion. “Deplorables” marched Donald Trump to the White House. Now it’s time for them to build a wall that will keep him there.