Why it’s Morally Right to Vote Trump for President in 2016

It’s a tough decision for some as to who to vote for, not for me though. After recently reading an article by a Christian Ethics professor, I feel more confident than ever that Trump is the morally right candidate to vote for. The patience of the American people is nothing short of astounding. Especially during this raging political season. Family and friends are being torn apart by who to vote for. Thank God we live in a country where we all have the freedom of choice and acceptance. Being able to talk about our different viewpoints and beliefs is one of the things that make this country what it is. I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve been all over the world and no country has the freedom that we do.

And Trump understands this and that is one of the reasons he is the best candidate to vote for. He has his flaws, everyone does. And that is what makes him human, Trump is aware of his strength and his weaknesses whereas Clinton has a holier than thaw type of attitude. Trump may be brash at times, and mistaken about certain things but he knows it and is not afraid to admit when he makes a mistake. Clinton though would rather push blame on as many people as possible and diverge any focus from her own mistakes to anyone she can.landscape-1445010604-trumphat

What that means is simple, Trump is not coming from a victim mentality and Hillary is. And there is nothing more dangerous than a person in power who will not be honest and take responsibility. Sure Trump may throw insults and say things that are harsh, but lest be real here, he only says things we are all thinking. He basically speaks his mind freely regardless of how people will react to what he says. And that means Trump is authentic. We all know this country needs a president who is authentic more than anything and that if someone is not authentic, they are a liar. So in blatant language, Hillary is a liar.

And having a liar in office is scary. Having someone who will quickly delete 33,000 emails to save her own skin is scary. And if this woman comes to power it will be a very hard road to walk for the country for at least 4 years. I’m not exaggerating, Hillary has a very dark cloud over her and it’s obvious. Trump is just real and speaks his mind and that is something people are not used to. That is why he comes off as being so harsh.

The fact that Trump speaks his mind with authenticity is exactly why he is the morally right person to vote for. He’s been in the lime light for decades, everyone knows his mistakes and he doesn’t try to hide them or make excuses for them. So when you get ready to vote this November, ask yourself this question… Who would you rather have in office? A people pleaser like Hillary who will say anything to get approval or an honest man like Trump who will say what he is thinking, regardless of who he pisses off or makes happy?

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