Donald Trump

Have you ever wondered if anyone noticed, let alone cared, about the contents of the email dump that exposed the corruption of the DNC?

Apparently, someone has. And it might just be the wild card that throws the democrat’s nominee into her final tailspin, and give Donald Trump the White House.  

A staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, and Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carter noticed. It flipped an ideological switch for him.

When the DNC emails, that were never meant to see the light of day, surfaced, they wreaked with foul play making a mockery of the democratic primary, and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Reports of actual findings pertaining to where the National Democratic campaign committees spend their millions shows exactly where their priorities actually are. Less than 2 percent go to the firms of racial minorities.

This information called a consultant “racket” by Democratic National Committee vice chairwoman Donna Brazille, was instrumental in Carter’s decision to jump sides. Understanding that the self-proclaimed “champions” of minorities, by the democratic party, especially African-Americans is a farce.

Feeling deceived, and rightly so, Bruce Carter has become an avid Donald Trump supporter. He’s now putting his faith in the GOP, pinning his hopes on the Trump and Pence ticket, and he’s out to educate the black community on the democratic scam.

From Western Journalism

“Donald Trump is a business man and a real estate mogul who could provide knowledge and resources to transform urban communities through the development of minority-owned businesses,”

Carter said. “With this tour, we’re going to show Mr. Trump and Republicans that the black and minority communities are ready to work with anyone willing to work with us to build opportunities in businesses, employment and housing. We don’t want welfare, we need opportunity.”

“When Donald Trump tells black people, ‘What do you have to lose by voting for me,’ he’s getting close to a message that will work, but it’s not quite there yet,” Carter said.

“We’re going to go back to these communities in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and across the country to lead people to the facts about the Clintons’ and Democrats’ failures with our struggling communities,” Carter said. “If Donald Trump can show that he’s willing to do something different for them, then these people will be willing to give him a chance because then they’ll understand that they don’t have anything to lose by abandoning Democrats like Hillary Clinton”

“Donald Trump isn’t a typical politician and he isn’t beholden to the same old political powers,” Carter said. “We want to earn our seat at the table in his administration and I think he and the Republicans are smart enough to realize that when we deliver them a historic number of minority votes, they better do a better job than the Democrats have done or they’re never going to get an opportunity like this again.”



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