Trump Jr. Was Just Accused Of Abuse… But The Story Starts In Pre-School

Virginia Hefferman-Politico
Politico contributing editor Virginia Hefferman in 2015. | Photo credit Wikipedia

Politico contributing editor Virginia Heffernan, accused Donald Trump Jr. of verbally assaulting a teacher. The teacher, a close friend of Hefferman, supposedly quit teaching because the incident was “disorienting.” But, as usual with left-leaning news sites, there’s a kicker.  

Hefferman tweeted out the “bombshell” allegation to her followers last Wednesday on behalf of her friend whom she referred to only as Anna. Her post alleges that Trump Jr. was horribly mean to Anna, a former pre-school teacher. His pre-school teacher.

“My friend Anna taught Don Jr preschool in Manhattan. She asked him to move his mat one day and he said, “F**k you, b**ch.” He was three,” Hefferman claimed. “Today’s for you, Anna.” The so-called journalist, followed-up her preposterous accusation with another tweet saying Anna quit teaching because of Donald Trump Jr.

“She quit teaching forever at the end of that year. It’s not a #metoo story but it was extremely disorienting,” Hefferman tweeted. “Many of us are essentially in service roles to the rich, and it takes its toll.”

The responses to Hefferman’s tweet were just what you’d expect on an accusation as outlandish as this. “How about this response? Do you know how stupid you sound blaming a 3-year-old for someone quitting their job?” asked John Martin. “…Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.”

Potty Break

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. taking a bathroom break was huge news for The Hill. | Photo credit Newsweek

Indeed, it is real. And sadly, Politico is not the only leftist site proving that point. Wednesday must have been a slow news day, as The Hill reported on the bathroom break Donald Trump Jr took on Capitol Hill. He spent the day answering questions before the House Intel Committee.

What he didn’t know was that he had a creepy stalker watching his every move. Writer Olivia Beavers, tweeted a hysterical picture (and video) of the president’s eldest son walking into the bathroom. She made sure everyone noticed it was him by circling his image in red.  Seems he didn’t know he had a creepy stalker watching his every move.

Trump Jr. did not respond to the allegations levied at his toddler self. However, he did issue a savage comeback to Beavers’ bathroom tweet. “Surprisingly, not #fakenews,” he wrote. “Riveting stuff though. Journalism is dead.” 

More than anything, these stories demonstrate just how obsessed some outlets are with the Trump family. They will obviously do or say anything to make them look bad.