Donald Trump, Expert at International Diplomacy


Donald Trump International DiplomacyTrump appeared from the midst of a torn a country, out of nowhere to help rebuild the United States with his superior understand of business ethics.

He jumped straight in to the presidential race, showing the citizens of the United States he’s aimed for winning. Without warning, Trump beat out experienced politician like Cruz, surprised the country while leaving Hillary on the edge of seat wondering if she could win. People across the nation are now anticipating Trump being the next president who will Make America Great Again.

Trump plans on protecting the southern boarders of the country once and for all, something politicians have been attempting for years with no avail. He’s been slammed for being a racist, until now, the Mexican president agreed. At one point Pena Nieto of Mexico actually compared to the horrific dictator, Adolph Hitler, that has all been taking back.

Trump, who recently spent time with Pena Nieto in Mexico City has shown the Mexican President the dangers of trusting a crooked media.

Nieto’s own words after spending time with Trump were, “genuine interest is to build a relationship that might lead us to provide both our societies better conditions.”

Nieto now understands the power of negative media; he’s become the latest victim of a slew of propaganda against Trump designed to take him out of office. The media and press is full of dishonest people, attempting to use their power of influence to sway the population to vote for the party of their choosing.

Nieto then went on with further acknowledgment of Trump saying,

“It’s fundamental right that each of the countries has to defend its border.” 

Democrats in the United States are most likely outraged by hearing this comment by Mexico’s own president.

Mr. Pena Nieto then began to show his respect and love for the electoral process of the United States. Past remarks from the Mexican President declared Trump to be unfit to stand in office as the United States President because of his brash way of expressing himself. Following Trump’s visit to Mexico however, Mr. Pena Nieto has expressed his full agreement of many issues Trump stands on.

He even went so far as to complain about the guns that found their way into Mexico from the United States, an obvious shot at Barrack Obama and his Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder who was responsible for illegal weapons falling into the hands of Los Zetas.

Donald Trump International DiplomacyFinally, Pena Hieto stated his disagreement with Obama’s open boarder policy, seeing it an invitation that has brought thousands of people into Mexico trying to make their way to the United States.

His final words on the subject of Mexico and United States, “There is still a joint challenge including the increasing number of non-Mexicans who cross through our country in order to reach the United States, therein creating serious human crises.”

Trump did a great job improving the United States relationship with Mexico while finding out exactly where the Mexican President stands on the subject of border control. What are your views on the subject? Comment below with your thoughts then like and share the post to help support Trump for President in 2016.