Apparently, Hillary thinks Donald Should be paying more taxes then he is supposed to. The reason? According to Trump’s 1995 tax return, he lost $916. That loss allowed him to not pay taxes for the following 18 years.

Hillary, being smart like she is, thought that was a pivotal moment in her campaign. She published a statement, calling the action a bombshell. She reported that Trump hurt small businesses and laid off workers.

Trump Didn’t Pay Taxes for Two Decades

She was shocked he didn’t have to pay taxes for nearly two decades following the losses. The she added it was a low point for Trump because tens of millions of families had to pay theirs. Her campaign manager, Robby Mook then said, “He calls that smart.”

Donald Trump Declared Tax GeniusWell, Trump would have been an idiot not to have done that. Think about it. Why would anyone in their right mind willingly volunteer to pay more taxes than they have too. It really was not as much of a pivotal moment as Hillary made it out to be. It was smart business that any business man who was smart would have done. Hillary, obviously, likes to throw away money.

I can’t guarantee it, but I will bet all my money that Hillary never pays more than she owes. At the time, Trump was a wealthy real estate investor, builder and contractor and he was taking a lot of losses in New Jersey. There was absolutely nothing, wrong or illegal about what Trump did. Developers all over the world do the same thing. It’s just easier to take deductions through depreciations and loans. Any self-employed tax payer knows that losses are deductible.

Trump did nothing wrong. He only used the federal tax code as it was meant to be used. All other business men and politicians are calling it genius. The type of genius this country needs to get out of the current debt we are in.

Do Trump’s Taxes Matter?

But the question beckons, will this ultimately hurt Trump? Probably not, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, released just last month. Only about 6% of voters cared about his refusal to release tax returns. It’s simply a topic that is not important to most of us. There are bigger fish to fry. We don’t need to focus on Trump’s old tax returns. They’re more concerned with areas and issues, like the security of our country and the threat of another war.

Trump easily brushed off the scandal, likely because he knew he didn’t do anything wrong. People in the upper echelon can take advantage of being able to high smart lawyers and attorneys who can use the tax code in the way it was written. Let’s not forget, Bill Clinton had a role in writing the current tax code either. So maybe Hillary should be pointing fingers at her hubby instead of Trump.

Trump just needs to stick to his message from here on out. Back to the basics that people care about. He can spot government corruption and has the ability to change it. Hillary on the other hand not only sees the corruption, but creates it. Let’s focus on getting Trump in office, then maybe he can use his knowledge to pull this country out of debt. Instead of digging us deeper into it like Hillary would likely do.

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