Think an Obama Speech Is Worth $400,000? Neither Does…


Obama Returns To Rake In The Cash

Barack Obama | Photo Credit Barcroft

After a short three-month hiatus, former President Barack Obama has decided to start making speeches again. According to The Wall Street Journal, these speeches cost around $400,000 as of now.

Last year, when Obama was the president, he vetoed a bill that would have curbed presidential pensions for former presidents if they took an outside income of over $400,000 or more.

Now that Obama has accepted this fee for a speech an upcoming Wall Street speech, the bill’s sponsors will likely reintroduce this bill so Trump might sign it.

Obama’s Self-Serving Veto For Future (Now) PayDay

American Money | Photo Credit Flickr

USA Today reports:

“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and sponsor of the 2016 bill. “His veto was very self-serving.”

“Chaffetz and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, the sponsor of the companion Senate bill, say they will re-introduce the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act this month. The bill would cap presidential pensions at $200,000, with another $200,000 for expenses. But those payments would be reduced dollar-for-dollar once their outside income exceeds $400,000.”

Bill Maher And Bernie Sanders Not Happy…

Bill Maher | Photo Credit Getty

The Blaze reports:

“On Friday night’s episode of “Real Time” on HBO, liberal host Bill Maher criticized former President Barack Obama for agreeing to give a speech at a Wall Street firm in September 2017 in exchange for $400,000. Obama was a harsh critic of Wall Street throughout his presidency and often villainized large corporations and wealthy investors for not “paying their fair share.”

“It kind of looks like: when he’s on our team, we’re OK with it,” Maher said, adding later, “You could say that when a guy is president, he’s looking ahead to that $400,000 payday. And he’s not going to get it if, while he’s president, he’s going to do something to p*** them off. So, isn’t the best thing to do to take your $10 million book deal? Can’t you live off that?”

Bernie Sanders also said “it does not look good…”