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President Trump, James Comey | Photo Credit Getty When the announcement was made on Tuesday, that President Trump had fired FBI Director, James Comey, shockwaves rippled through Capitol Hill. Democrats and liberal media immediately began shouting about conspiracies and cover-ups. Now, they are taking their liberal temper tantrum a step further.

They are demanding a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Trump’s alleged Russia connections. And, like spoiled children, if they don’t get their way they plan to not do the jobs the American people elected them to do. 

Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, upped the ante, calling for a special prosecutor before any consideration of a new FBI director, according to NBC.

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Ironically, the same Democrats clamoring about a cover-up are the ones who wanted Comey fired last year. Of course, that was only to protect Hillary Clinton so that doesn’t count in their feeble minds. But, President Trump has not forgotten their flip-flop. In fact, he presented the short and sweet statement below to the media regarding Senator Chuck Schumer’s previous comments.

Schumer has demanded that Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein brief all the senators about what happened. In addition, Senator Liz Warren has predicted…

Long-Lasting Fallout

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“When Donald Trump stepped in and fired the person who’s leading the investigation, I think everything changed on Capitol Hill,” she told NBC News, “and now there’s a lot of people who realize that if we don’t get a special prosecutor, then we can never be confident that we got to the bottom of this.”

In contrast, several top Republicans have asserted their support for President Trump’s decision. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, issued a short statement that only addressed potential replacements and called for a “full, fair, and timely confirmation” of a new director. Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, also issued a simple statement reaffirming the reason Comey was fired.

“Mr. Comey had lost the confidence of both Republicans and Democrats, and, frankly, the American people,” said Cruz. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats sat pouting at their desks, contemplating how they can continue to avoid doing the job they are paid for. Come to think of it, nothing much has changed, has it?




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