When Boris Yeltsin stepped down from presidency, the Russian economy was crumbling. There was little to no support for his leadership in the Duma. Yeltsin’s main concern was to protect himself and his family. He was on the brink of being prosecuted for corruption. Then he appointed Vladimir Putin, who happened to be an extremely loyal subordinate. Yeltsin also knew he could trust Putin with his deepest secrets. He was someone who would not go straight to the prosecutors and bother his family after he died.

Putin was someone who didn’t care about the money tucked away in the Cayman Islands. He would simply let the chips fall where they lie.

The situation happening right now, in the political system of the United States, is facing the same problems. And with election season nearing its end, what will happen next?

The Democratic power, has proven itself to be nothing more than a bunch of political thugs. They’ve pulled the strings on all their puppets. They’ve used the leverage of fear. And done everything they can, to fill their bank accounts with massive amounts of other people’s money.

More importantly, the tax payer’s money. John Kerry sent millions to his daughter’s non-profit organization. Hillary shook down clients of the state department for money. They then used the money to pay the pensions of the people in the organization. The corruption can be seen across multiple faces of the Democratic Party. And the saddest part, they hold the power within the executive branch of the government.

Is There a Threat to National Security?

hillary-for-prisonThis is just what the public eye sees. Behind the veil, there is likely more corruption and threats to national security then any one American Citizen knows. Each day, we face new issues in press, with another scandal being revealed every day. So many in fact, that it’s easy to push the major ones under the rug. Obama pushed to give Iran, the True Islamic State, the nuclear bomb. And he also gave them hundreds of billions of dollars, all under the noses of the American people. The money was literally flown into Iran under the cover of darkness. And the darkness is more than literal, it’s metaphorical for the darkness in their hearts, backed by harmful intentions to the American people.

There is no other reason to give Iran Nukes, except to put a direct threat against America. Even Hillary, has been accused of selling more than 20 percent of America’s uranium to Russia for money.

The agendas are obvious, Obama and Hilary are funding the global terrorism to bring this country down. I’m sure in the coming years, people will be shocked when the truth unfolds, as it always does. People are downright scared, because the power the Democratic Party holds over the elections. The first and second amendments could be stripped away at any time, and Trump knows this.

Why Are The Democrats Afraid of Trump?

That is exactly why the Democratic party is terrified of Trump. He sees through the lies and will let nothing stop them. They are fighting hand over fist to keep Trump out of office. They want the American people helpless, so they push things like racial differences. They know that alone and separated, we are weak. But together we are strong. And Trump seeks to bring us together as one nation under God. It’s yet one more reason the DHS is pushing to get involved in the electoral process.

So they can control the outcome of the events that are about to unfold. The American people are at a standstill and ready to fight for themselves, their families and this country. Obama and Clinton are ready to hand it over, directly to the United Nations and ultimately the terrorists. Actions always speak louder than words, and the actions they’ve taken and are planning prove they have no loyalty to the people of this country. Hopefully Trump will win, and prosecute any and all he finds to have conducted illegal activities. If it doesn’t happen that way, it’s could be the downfall of justice in this country and the end of what the United States stands for.

What Will Obama Do Before He Leaves Office?

Obama can do his best in the next month to leave chaos in his wake. He could pardon people who’ve been prosecuted. He can even start a war with Russia, if given the chance. And that is why the American people must play a role in the events that are to come. We must reach out to senators and politicians and declare that we want our freedom to continue. That the constitution must be upheld. And that in no way, shape or form may Hillary ever be allowed to set foot in the White House again.

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