The liberal establishment has made a harsh stance against Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign. They are obsessed with calling him a bigot and a racist. A new, New York Times article written by the ‘Editoral Board’ published on Sept. 25, 2016, still lists the main reason why Donald Trump would be a bad fit as president is due to his ‘fear mongering about Mexican “rapists” flooding across the southern border”.

The comment, which has played over and over again since the beginning of the campaign, has become a tired liberal shtick that people aren’t really interested in hearing anymore. Of Mexicans in Mexico, Trump has also labeled them as “amazing,” and “the most wonderful hardworking people” which he “employs by the thousands”.

Where are these statements in the liberal campaign against him? The same tired old campaign that ran out of ammunition and political traction a long time ago, the same campaign that wishes to denounce his presidential bid as ‘racist fearmongering’.

During Trump’s visit to Mexico, even an anti-Trump protest staged at “El Angel’ monument, the place where Mexican protests usually take place, failed to gain much traction. In Mexico, Trump is not seen as threatening or as a racist.  Sure there is a piñata with his likeness that surged in popularity, but most Mexican politicians also have their own piñatas. Teresa Pelton, a Mexican immigrant who re-married and took her husband’s name stated,

 “ Mexico we put walls up and wire fencing to keep dangerous people out from our homes, I think Donald Trump is saying the same thing about America. Watching some criminals on T.V., with their tear drop tattoos, even in Mexico, we don’t have that, we have poor people going into drugs for the money and they fight each other and the military, but we don’t have that. I see it, and I’d be scared too.”


Trump at rallyTrump at rally (Image: Pete Dobbs/Huntsville)

It is only in America where Mexican immigrants and illegal aliens have staged protests that have at times turned violent against police and the Republican candidate.

Trump went to Mexico to deal with the matter in a presidential manner because, aside from the liberal media ‘racist’ tirade, he understands the importance of the $500-billion-dollar partnership between the two countries.

Another point of contention for liberals has been Trump’s almost decade old comments during a feud with a former female TV host and widely-known hot-head. When asked by Megyn Kelly about calling women he didn’t like ‘fat pigs, ‘dogs’ and ‘disgusting animals’; Trump had to correct the news anchor by stating “only Rosie O’Donnell”.

For the Republican candidate, it is evident that the nearly decade old comments related to a personal feud that had nothing to do with sexism. Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to understand this or the fact that even though she touts herself as a feminist, “women don’t like her.”

As you may know, if you own a TV screen or frequent internet news channels, Hillary Clinton recently spent $100 million in sexist ads that wish to label Trump a misogynist by taking these comments out of context. Many men have also been called and labeled pigs, but is that considered sexist? Are some men pigs? Is Rosie O’Donnell a pig? I guess the answer just depends on who you ask, just don’t ask Hillary Clinton.  Because her recent media blitz against Trump shows that she doesn’t get context.

I guess we can all agree that when taken out of context, anything can sound the way you want it to.  And the media can add their own spin to suit her agenda. Especially if the liberal bias has a vested interest in the corrupt Democratic candidate.  Even if the comments, the argument and the shtick, have become just as tired.


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