Delaware Schools Push To Allow “Kids To Choose Their Own Sex And Race”

Delaware-Department of Education
The Delaware Department of Education says students can choose their race or gender identity. | Photo credit Delaware DOE

For years now, liberal progressives have been turning America’s education system into a three-ring circus. The Delaware Department of Education is now doing their part to make it even more absurd by allowing students to choose their gender and race. And, it gets worse.

Under a new proposal from the Delaware DOE, students in grades K-12 can self-declare their preferred race and/or gender. Even worse, Regulation 225 would keep this information secret from parents who don’t support their children’s chosen identities.

In addition, the proposed regulation requires schools to use gender identity when deciding access to sports, locker rooms, and restrooms. Moreover, any objections concerning race or gender identity are considered a form of bullying.

Suffice it to say, this stunt is bad on many levels. So bad in fact, that the Delaware NAACP is objecting to the regulations. According to Lamar Gunn, president of the Central Delaware chapter, it is a threat to the fight for equal rights.

“The fight by those of African descent for equality is fundamentally different than allowing a young child to determine his or her gender,” he wrote in a letter to Delaware Governor John Carney. Gunn also added that the Regulation 225 “represents government overreach and infringes on the rights of parents.”

While we don’t disagree with the NAACP’s assertions, the problem here goes well beyond a threat to equality. This is a threat to the futures, the lives, of children and their parents. Not to mention, it far exceeds Department of Education’s scope of responsibility. 

Their job is to direct education policies not push leftist ideologies and agendas

Harming Children

Regulaltion 225-gender identity
Delaware parents protest Regulation 225. | Photo credit Joe for America

Policies like these, disguised as protective measures, inflict unnecessary harm on vulnerable children. Five-year-old kids have neither the mental nor the emotional capacity to understand the delusions of grandeur that progressives call “gender and race identity.”

Furthermore, teens are notorious for succumbing to social pressures to conform. It is bad enough that children as young 10 are committing suicide these days. Having schools that encourage gender dysphoria and keep secrets from parents is going to make the problem worse, not better.

With directives like Regulation 225, parents shouldn’t be concerned about saving their children from mass shooters. Saving them from Democrats and their progressive agendas appears to be a far bigger concern.