Cosby Defense Rests After Six Minutes

Bill Cosby | Photo Credit LA Times After only one week of testimony from the prosecution, it was time for the jury to listen to the defense speak about the sexual assaults of Bill Cosby. Surprisingly, the defense decided to rest after only six minutes.

Despite various promises from the defense, they didn’t have much to add to their argument. They only called one witness to the stand before they decided to rest their case on Monday.

Bill Cosby decided not to speak under oath. If convicted, Cosby will face up to 30 years in prison.

Detective Richard Schaffer Testifies 

Richard Schaffer | Photo Credit WP

The Daily Beast reports:

“While Cosby not being called up to testify was not too much of a surprise, what followed was. The defense explained that they would only call one witness to the stand: Detective Richard Schaffer, who appeared as a somewhat combative witness for the prosecution last week.”

“No other character witnesses would be called to the stand to testify for the defense. Defense attorney Brian McMonagle asked Schaffer a few questions regarding statements the detective had taken from Constand.”

“Following the detective’s testimony, the defense — much to the surprise of some in the courtroom — rested its case, called no further witnesses.”

Constand Testifies Against Bill Cosby 

Constand, Cosby | Photo Credit People

Vox reports:

“The prosecution took five days to make its case, calling 12 witnesses to the stand, including Constand. She testified that Cosby, a notable Temple alumnus, offered to mentor her but instead took advantage of her at his home just outside Pennsylvania in 2004. She alleges that Cosby gave her three pills which he claimed were herbal supplements.”

“Put them down, they’re your friends. They’ll take the edge off,” Cosby told Constand, according to Constand’s testimony. “I said, ‘I trust you.’ I took the pills and I swallowed the pills down.” Constand claims that Cosby waited for the drugs to take effect and then placed her on a couch and sexually assaulted her.”

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