Gun control advocates allege that firearms pose a safety threat to society at large. So, what does it say about them when they threaten to shoot those who support the Second Amendment?

Dana Loesch_NRAPhoto credit | The Federalist

That is what’s currently happening to National Rifle Association spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, who is moving her family because of death threats.

Loesch is taking her story to social media, where she tells supporters that she is packing up her family and relocating. The conservative commentator and syndicated talk radio host, is receiving threats against her and her children from gun control advocates. Which, ironically, seems to prove why law-abiding citizens want to own guns.  

Consequently, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal victims are sharing their stories with the hashtag, #MeToo. So, Loesch decided that is a great way to share what is happening to her, her family, and conservative women in general. On Twitter, she condemns the way progressives victimize women who don’t share their liberal beliefs.

First, Loesch tweets a picture of garbage bags outside her home. “Spent my weekend preparing to move due to repeated threats from gun control advocates,” the caption reads. Next, Loesch goes on to describe the threats she’s receiving. “One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when police were here, threatened to shoot me in my front yard.”

In addition, an unidentified male social media user created several fake accounts and posts photos of her home on the internet. And, the man threatened to “rape her to death.” Sadly, it gets even worse. The bullies are not just threatening Loesch, but her children too. Thankfully, police and school officials are helping to ensure everyone’s safety.

 “Another gun control advocate, after threatening to hunt me down and assault me, dragged my kids into it,” Loesch writes. “I’m grateful that my kids’ school worked with law enforcement and private security to ensure campus safety, and work with me.” She also suggests that women who support gun rights are routinely threatened with sexual assault.

Liberal Logic

Dana LoeschPhoto credit | KPCC

How twisted is a gun control advocate threatening to shoot and rape someone who supports owning a gun? This is the reason individuals, especially women, purchase guns for personal safety.

Leftists consistently speak-out against violence, then use violent tactics to make their point.




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