Two DACA Recipients Were Arrested For Human Smuggling

DACA recipients wait in line to renew protections in California. | Photo credit: NBC News

Over the last two weeks, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been a source of contention in Congress. Democrats shut down the government to protect “dreamers,” who they feel are unfairly targeted by President Trump. The following story is the ugly side of DACA that the left hopes you’ll never see.

On Monday, federal officials announced the arrest of two men on suspicion of human smuggling in California. The two separate incidents occurred in the San Diego area near Torrey Pines State Beach and Campo.

One of the suspects detained by border patrol, Alejandro Castro, is a 20-year old DACA recipient whose protection expired. He was with two Mexican nationals, both in the country illegally. All three suspects admitted their involvement in human smuggling. 

The second suspect, whose identity is unknown, is a 22-year old DACA recipient living in Riverside County. According to federal officials, he too admitted to being in the Campo area to aid a group of smugglers.

DACA and Human Smuggling

Human smuggling U.S-Mexico Border
A sign on the US and Mexico border warning of human smuggling. | Photo credit Social In Charlotte

Now, does this mean that all DACA recipients are criminals? Of course not. But it does shatter the liberal narrative about the purity and innocence of these immigrants. Fact is, there is another, dangerous face of illegal immigration that Democrats try their best to hide.

Last year, President Trump announced that DACA would officially end this March. Since then, the left has ratcheted up efforts to protect the more than 800,000 young illegals benefiting from the program. 

However, the president told Democrats that DACA was a no-go without funding for the wall.

Responding to these arrests, immigration activists accused San Diego Border Patrol of “politicizing” the issue by using “DACA” in the headline of their news release. Alliance San Diego Director Andrea Guerrero suggested such releases “vilify” all dreamers.

“Human smuggling is a global problem that puts migrants in vulnerable situations where they can be abused and exploited, and we should all work together to address the conditions that force people to migrate,” said Guerrero. “However, to vilify entire groups of people based on isolated incidents is irresponsible and unhelpful.”

Too bad Southerners, Trump supporters, and Christians don’t receive the same “benefit of the doubt” the left wing so lovingly bestows on illegals.