Crooked Clinton’s Daughter: Chelsea Takes Private Jet to Attend ‘Clean Energy’ Summit

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-12

Following Hillary Clinton’s health scare at the 9/11 memorial and her absence from the campaign trail, Chelsea Clinton stepped in for her ailing mother to attend a ‘Clean Energy’ summit in contested North Carolina. Clinton made her first stop on her mother’s behalf at two events in Greenville, North Carolina. The Democratic hopeful’s daughter then made a pit stop at a campaign office in the city and subsequently attended an event in East Carolina University to discuss the importance of college affordability.


Clinton was then scheduled to attend a ‘Clean Energy’ round table in Asheville, North Carolina, about a 5-hour drive from Greenville. But instead of driving or taking a commercial airplane, Chelsea attended the summit via private jet; knowingly missing her daughter’s first day of pre-school in the process. Perhaps, it would not matter if this was the only time that a Clinton used a private jet. Who could blame Chelsea in making her travels more comfortable while helping her ailing mother. After all, Chelsea Clinton is not running for office.

But this is not the case, nor is it the only time; for Hillary, the campaign trail has been an executive affair that would make the world’s top CEOs jealous.

While opting to attend a “Clean Energy” summit in a private jet seems highly hypocritical of the Democratic hopeful’s daughter, this sort of hypocrisy has become common place for the Clinton camp. While lecturing others on how to reduce their carbon footprint, Crooked Clinton can’t seem to make the statements coming out of her mouth match any of her actions. Perhaps for Clinton, it is the average American who has to reduce their carbon emissions and not her; as a means to fulfill the global goals of her billionaire and millionaire backers who pay for her campaign aspirations.

Last year, the Clinton camp pledged to make the campaign ‘carbon-neutral’. And further stated that they would be “offsetting the carbon footprint of the campaign and that includes travel.” Statements may be one thing, but when push comes to shove, cushy Clinton has made private-jets a constant part of her travels. How are average Americans to believe anything that she says when something as simple as planning to offset travel could not even be further from Clinton’s actual actions.

We know Clinton as a compulsive liar and habitual flip-flopper. Clinton supports the war in Iraq then she doesn’t. First, she doesn’t support gay marriage then she does. She supports TPP, then she backtracks. She says she will make her campaign ‘carbon neutral’ then flies via private jet.

For Clinton, the campaign ‘trail’ was paved through comfortable air-travel in private jets. During her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton was known to describe commercial flights as “burdensome”. Hopefully this time Clinton is making good use of her frequent flyer miles program. Now, her journeys shouldn’t fall on taxpayers’ dollars. Funding for her private-jet travels should at least be from her own pockets.

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