During a recent twitter post at 3 am, Donald Trump posted a one comment statement, regarding a former Miss Universe contestant; who in Trump’s own words, was “difficult to work with”.  It was later labeled a ‘twitter storm’.  The alleged mishap was labeled by the Clinton campaign as ‘unhinged,’ according to a twitter response from Hillary. 

This time around, they wanted to damage Trump’s allure with minority voters, specifically the Latino community and women.  But to do this, the crooked Clinton camp had to dig deep into Trump’s past.  They wanted to find someone they could use to bait a soundbite-hungry CNN audience.

Eventually, they stumbled upon someone they could use to their advantage. Someone that could potentially make Trump seem sexist and racist, all at the same time.

This someone happened to be Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe during Trump’s first year of the twenty or so that he owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants.

The carefully crafted jab came during last week’s presidential debate. Almost every mainstream media outlet you can find is brimming with these beyond bias stories filled with sexist claims. With that being said, did we really expect anything else coming from the liberal media and its best friend, Crooked Clinton?

These infected news outlets often like to use screaming headlines that flip different cards, (be it the sexist one or the racist one); to draw in readers, but beyond that, there’s never much factual evidence behind it.

It’s important to look at the facts in this case before jumping to a premature decision and the liberal bandwagon.

When you win a beauty pageant at the scale of Miss Universe, it’s inevitable that there would be certain rules and expectations placed upon the participants and the winner. It’s likely not surprising that there are precise rules that the winner must uphold; as this is the reality of working in any organization.

While we could argue about the politics of beauty pageantry, the truth of the matter is that they exist, and they have rules. In fact, as a winner, you would have to agree to a contract that includes personal matters; including never before having been pregnant or married (to maintain the Miss in Miss Universe).  There are also other criteria and rules. To the average person, rules like agreeing to maintain a body weight of a certain standard, might seem intrusive; but such are the politics of beauty pageantry.

We don’t expect a sprinter to do the job of running by being unfit to run, or a computer scientist to be unable to understand mathematics. It may seem like a sexual bias but certain jobs come with certain conditions. We also couldn’t hold Trump accountable for sexism for these rules existing, or for the fact that pageantry exists in the first place, although some people might as well. But, these are just politics, which we agreed not to mention.

Unfortunately, Alicia Machado breached her contract by gaining 30 pounds after she became Miss Universe, which made her liable to be fired, and these are facts.

The media onslaught at the time was very curious as to how Donald Trump would fare as the new president of the pageant. Perhaps, Trump put too much pressure on his employee; some bosses are likely to do this and this is nothing new.  As I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s underlings are well aware of. For Trump, having his first year as the owner of the pageant turn out to be a flop and media debacle, would probably not have been very positive for himself or for the pageant. While enforcing a contract that has to do with body image may seem like a questionable thing, the fact of the matter is that international beauty pageants have certain standards that are directly connected to people watching and beauty ideals of the time.

By breaching her contract and “being hard to work with,” Trump would have to enforce the rules of the pageant. For Trump this meant nothing more, nothing less. It seems like for Trump and for Miss Machado, the match was not one made in business heaven, and the pressures of working with someone that did not work began to show. With Trump taking out his frustration on his employee and Miss Machado eating her way through the stress.  The media ate it up, so to speak.

Alicia Machado poses for pictureAlicia Machado poses for picture

You know the term, acting like a ‘beauty queen’? Miss Machado gave life to that statement by being a terrible employee.

But this was only Trump’s first pageant and his first beauty queen. Through the 20 years that Trump owned the beauty pageant, if the man was truly sexist and misogynistic, you would assume these two things would repeatedly come up.  Especially when dealing with thousands of contestants. During the time the Republican candidate owned the pageant, there was never an incident of indecency nor was there ever any contestant who had a single bad thing to say about the presidential candidate.  Aside from Miss Machado, that is. In fact, most are vocally and overwhelmingly positive on Donald Trump, demonstrating that Trump is, in fact, extremely respectful of women. Melissa Young, former Miss Wisconsin USA went on record as saying,

“Until my last breath, I will use this voice to speak up to talk about who Trump really is… He is the most wonderful man I have ever met.”

Ximena Navarette, a more recent Miss Universe winner [2010] from Mexico, who Trump labeled “the most successful Miss Universe we’ve ever had” defended Donald Trump.  She stated that he was not not a misogynist in the slightest. Navarette’s translated statement described Trump as “respectful’. The beauty queen went on to say,  “For all who would take a negative position of Mr. Donald Trump, I reiterate that my working relation was always excellent […]. [Trump] was always respectful, and I confirm that he was proud that the ‘Miss Universe Organization’ was represented by a Mexican woman in 2010 and 2011.” 

The Mexican beauty also stated on Mexican TV TalkShow ‘Ventaneando’ that, “Trump has always been a gentleman and treated me well, with me, he’s been an excellent person.” Soon after working with Trump, Navarette landed coveted campaigns with L’Oreal and other international brands. Making this Miss Universe “extremely hard-working” and the “most successful” Miss Universe ever, as labeled by Trump.

Some would say that aside from a few supporters and winners, sexism would have eventually surfaced; especially when dealing with thousands of beauty queens.  But it never has, because it does not exist.

Instead, it took the Crooked Clinton camp a long search to mount a campaign and find someone that did not fit the bill to be Miss Universe. Unfortunately for Miss Machado, a problematic and incompatible Miss Universe is one that few people are going to like or want to work with. Not because she is a woman, but because people don’t generally like working with with these type of individuals whatever field of business they find themselves in.  Even pageantry.

The former Miss Universe who lost out due to her bad attitude, lost out to others and has now found a new shot at fame by being used by the Clinton media campaign.  Furthering a misogynistic rant to fit a stereotype against the Republican candidate, one that evidently does not exist.

For all the women voters who, according to Trump “don’t like Hillary.”  Hillary had to look back 20 years for evidence of misogynistic behavior in order to win women voters.  She has simply proven that some women would much rather vote for someone who has been (wrongly) labeled a sexist racist, than for Crooked Hillary.

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