Critics Slam Trump For Weak North Korea Summit, Kim Jong Handshake


Is there anything that President Trump can do to please the left? Lower taxes? No. Low unemployment? No. How about holding a historic summit with North Korea that leads to denuclearization and peace after 70 years? Nope, not that either.

President Trump  and Kim Jong-Un handshake
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Over the last few days, the president embarked on a tedious global trip to ensure American prosperity and, in some sense, world peace. First, he took on “allies” at the G-7 summit in Canada. Then, he headed to Singapore to face-off with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Yesterday, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-Un shook hands and signed a comprehensive plan to denuclearize North Korea. Although it won’t happen overnight, it is a monumental achievement for the Trump administration.

Today President Trump is working his way back to D.C. with victory in hand. Of course, that’s not how left-wing media is spinning the news. To hear them tell it, our country is in crisis and Trump is having a bromance with Kim Jong-Un.

“A historic handshake in front of US and North Korean flags, a solemn signing ceremony and back-slapping compliments: critics charge that US President Donald Trump has legitimised Kim Jong Un on the world stage,” reads the lead story from Yahoo News.

Similarly, Northeast Asia specialist Michael Kovrig suggested that Kim emerged a hero thanks to Trump. “It’s a huge win for Kim Jong Un, who now, if nothing else, has the prestige and propaganda coup of meeting one on one with the president, while armed with a nuclear deterrent,” said Kovrig.

In addition, for unbeknownst reasons, Drudge Report reposted a 2016 CNN story on the “Nazi-style prison camps” operating in North Korea. A situation, by the way, that continued unabated during the Obama administration and during every modern administration before that.  

Nevertheless, reasonable people know we won’t wake-up a week from now to find Pyongyang is the new Las Vegas of Asia. Only people living in liberal fantasyland believe that everything wrong in North Korea will be fixed in a day.  

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Heck, in some cases, eight years isn’t enough to see change for the better. No, when you have a nightmare nearly a millennium in the making, it’s takes time to unravel it.  

Are there any guarantees? No, but you must start somewhere if any progress is to be made. President Trump knows this, and he is hopeful change will happen. After all, just a few months ago we were on the brink of nuclear war and now peace is a real possibility. 

But rest assured, Trump is acutely aware of who and what he’s dealing with.




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